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Spanish is one the most spoken languages around the world with the population of almost an entire continent using it as a mother tongue. No wonder that the interest in being able to communicate in Spanish is growing. Whether you’re fancying about taking an off-the-beaten track trip to Peru or Bolivia or relaxing in the sun of the Caribbean or Costa Rica, Reverso Spanish dictionary will guide you throughout your interactions with local Spanish native speakers. If you are thinking about experiencing life as a student in Universidad de Barcelona, Universidad de Valencia or Universidad de Granada, you can also count on our Spanish definitions dictionary for a thorough understanding of the new words and expressions you come across every day.

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Penetración que forma el mar en la costa, debida a la sumersión de la parte litoral de una cuenca fluvial de laderas más o menos abruptas. Por consecuencia, a contrario de un río, una ría tiene agua salada.
Conjunto de estrategias y técnicas psicoterapéuticas para conseguir beneficios mentales y emocionales por medio de la risa.
evitar tratar un tema en una discusión o conversación
Insecto coleóptero de la América tropical, de unos tres centímetros de longitud, oblongo, pardo y con dos manchas amarillentas a los lados del tórax, por las cuales despide de noche una luz azulada bastante viva.
duende imaginado de diversas formas del que se dice que protege a los pajaros y a los cocuyos y rapta e los ninos que los persiguen (ARG-Nordeste)
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When you think of Spain or Latin America some of the things that come to your mind may be: wonderful landscapes, history sites, delicious cuisine, colorful and lively dances, sensitive music. And maybe also some football stars names! Each Spanish speaker may master a particular field and in Reverso Community everyone is welcome to share his passion for Spanish words and phrases. Some of you may know Mexico slang, others may know gastronomy terms, others may be experts in football. All these put together will build-up a reference Spanish definitions dictionary accessible to anyone eager to learn Spanish. When adding new words and expressions, you can indicate the domain or region of use. This will facilitate understanding of the Spanish words meanings for the other users.

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