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tissue and organ injury tissue anoxia tissue bank tissue compromised tissue cuts
tissue death tissue destruction tissue distribution tissue establishment tissue fluid
tissue fluids tissue form tissue healing tissue injury tissue ischemia
tissue or blood sample tissue perfusion tissue plane tissue plane of least resistance tissue planes of least resistance
tissue plasminogen activator tissue reaction tissue repair tissue respiration tissue response
tissue slice tissue specificity tissue stain tissue store tissue thromboplastin
tissue tropism tissue type tissue typing tissue-building titillomania
titratable acidity titrimetric titrimetry titubant tonography
tonophasia tonoscopy tonsil of torus tubarius tonsillar fossa tonsillectome
tonsillectomy tonsillith tonsillitis tonsillolith tonsillopathy
tonsillopharyngitis tonsillotome tonsillotomy tonsolith tonus
tony red tooth decay tooth discoloration tooth enamel tooth germ
tooth rash tooth socket top coat top sheet topaesthesia
topagnosia topagnosis topalgia topectomy tophaceous
tophi tophic concretion topholipoma topical acne treatment product topical agent
topical anesthesia topical anesthetic topical antibiotic topical corticosteroid topical cream
topical gel topical medication topical solution topical therapy topoalgia
topoanesthesia topodysesthesia topognosis topoisomer topoisomerase
toponarcosis toponeurosis topoparesthesia topophobia topophylaxis
topovaccinotherapy torch infections toric tormenting pain tormina
torminal torminous torpor retinae torquemeter torsiometer
torsion balance torsion fracture torsion neurosis torsion of testis torsional diplopia
torsional stress torsiversion torso-occlusion torticollis tortipelvis
torturous pain torula toruli toruliform torulin
toruloid torulosis torulus torus tosylchloramide sodium
total biopsy total body pool total breech extraction toxophilic toxophilous
toxophore group toxophorous toxoplasma gondii toxoprotein toxothrix
toxuria trabecula of bone trabeculae of bone trabeculae of spleen trabeculate
trabeculectomy trabeculotomy trabes carnae trabs cerebri trace element
tracer dose tracer element tracer radio-element tracheal lymph node tracheal tugging
trachealgia tracheitis trachelectomy trachelematoma trachelism
trachelismus trachelocele trachelocyllosis trachelodynia trachelopexy
tracheloplasty trachelorrhaphy tracheloschisis trachelotomy tracheobronchitis
tracheobronchopathia tracheobronchoscopy tracheocele tracheoesophageal tracheofistulization
tracheolaryngotomy tracheomalacia tracheophony tracheoplasty tracheopyosis
tracheorrhagia tracheorrhaphy tracheoschisis tracheoscopic tracheoscopy
tracheostenosis tracheostomize tracheostomy tube tracheotome tracheotomy
trachitis trachoma trachoma bodies trachomatis trachomatous
trachyphonia trackability tracking tracking system tract of Flechsig
tract of Goll tract of Gowers tract of Lissauer tract of wound tractellum
traction aneurysm traction bar of forceps traction bow traction diverticulum traction pin
tractotomy tractus gastro-intestinal trade-in tragophony transit time
transition state transition to the flat transitional case transitional cell transitional cell carcinoma
transitional epithelium transitional zone transitory fever of the newborn translucent wall transluminal
translumination transmembrane proton pump transmethylation transmit attenuation transmit gain
transmitter substance transorbital transpeptidation transperitoneal transphosphorylation
transpiratory transplacental transplacentally transplant center transplant rejection
transpleural transport maximum transport number transposase transposon
transpyloric line transpyloric plane transseptal transsynaptic transtentorial
transthermia transthoracic transthyretin transtracheal transudate
transudation transuranic transurethral transvaginal transvaterian
transvection transvenous transversal transversalis transverse acetabular ligament
transverse aorta transverse diameter of pelvis transverse fiber of pons transverse fissure of cerebrum transverse fissure of liver
transverse fold of the rectum transverse lie transverse mesocolon transverse perineal ligament transverse process
transverse section transverse tarsal articulation transverse tarsal joint transversectomy transversion
transversocostal transversospinal transversotomy transversus transversus abdominis muscle
transversus auriculae muscle transversus linguae muscle transversus perinei profundus muscle trepopnea treppe
tresis tretinoin Trevor's disease tri-active triacetate
triacetin triacetyloleandomycin triacid triacylglycerol triad of herz
trial against placebo trial assessment procedure scale trial frame trial materials trial of labor
trial product trial treatment trial versus placebo trialistic triamcinolone
triamcinolone acetonide triamine triamterene triangular band triangular bone
triangular bone of tarsus triantennary triatoma triatomic triatrial heart
triaxial tribadisme tribady tribasic tribe proteae
tribo-electricity tribology triboluminescence triboluminescent Triboulet's reaction
tribromethanol tribromphenol tributyrin tricalcic tricarboxylic acid cycle
tricellular tricephalus triceps brachii reflex triceps jerk triceps reflex
triceps surae jerk triceps surae muscle triceps surae reflex trichaesthesia trichalgia
trichangiectasis trichatrophia trichauxe trichauxis trichesthesia
trichiasis trichilemmal trichina trichinella trichiniasis
trichiniferous trichinophobia trichinoscope trichinosis trichinous polymyositis
trichion trichitis trichloraldehyde chloral trichloride trichlormethiazide
trichloroacetaldehyde trichloroacetic acid trichloroethylene trichobezoar trichocephaliasis
trichocephalosis trichoclasia trichoclasis trichoclasty trichocryptosis
trichodangiitis trichodarteriitis trichodesmotoxicosis trichodophlebitis trichodynia
trichoepithelioma papillosum multiplex trichoesthesia trifluridine trifocal trifocal glasses
trifurcation trigeminal ganglion trigeminal impression of temporal bone trigeminal lemnicus trigeminal lemniscus
trigeminal neuralgia trigeminal pulse trigemino-facial trigeminothalamic tract trigeminy
trigger action trigger area trigger contraction trigger finger trigger knee
trigger point trigger zone triggered pacemaker trigocephalus trigonal
trigone trigone of bladder trigonectomy trigonid trigonitis
trigonocephalia trigonocephalic trigonocephalus trigonocephaly trigonum vesicae
trihexyphenidyl trihybrid trihydrate trihydric trihydroestrin
trihydroxide trihydroxyindole triiodide triiodomethane triiodothyronine
triketopurine trilinolein trilobate trilobed trilocular
trilogy of fallot trimastigote trimebutine trimebutine maleate trimenon
trimensual trimer trimeric trimethadione trimethaphan
trimethoprim trimethylamine trimethylxanthine trimipramine trimorphous
trinitrin trinitrocellulose trinitrocresol trinitroglycerol trinitrophenol
trinitrotoluene trinomial trinucleotide triocephalus triolein
triolein test triophthalmos triopodymus triorchid triorchidism
triorchis triorchism triorthocresyl phosphate triose phosphate dehydrogenase triose phosphate isomerase
trioxide trioxypurine tripalmitine tripara triparanol
tripelennamine tripeptide triphalangia trombone tremor of tongue tromethamine
tromomania tromophonia tropate tropatepine tropesis
trophectoderm trophedema trophic failure trophicity trophoblastic cell

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