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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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circular muscle layer circulating granulocyte count circulating immune complex nephritis circulation volume circulatory
circulatory assistance circulatory collapse circulatory failure circumferential circumferential cartilage
circumferential fibrocartilage circumflex branch of left coronary artery circumstantial evidence circumstantiality circumtonsillar abcess
circumtonsillar abscess clasp-knife rigidity class ia antiarrhythmic drug classic cesarean section classic urinary estrogen
classical pathway to complement activation clathrin clathrin light chain a clathrin-coated pit clathrin-independent
claustrum clavicle clavicoaxillary aponeurosis clavicular clavicular incisure of sternum
clavicular notch of sternum clavus clavus hystericus clean-voided midstream urine cleansing of wound
clear cell hidradenoma clear cell renal carcinoma clear up without residual clinical laboratory clinical mercury thermometer
clinical nurse specialist clinical pathology laboratory clinical research associate clinical staging clinical trial certicate
clinical trial design clinical trial exemption certificate clinical trial with a parallel design clinically apparent focus clinicopathologic
clinicopathologic article clinoid close attention must be paid to their subtle variations close contacts of patient close splitting of second heart sound
closed anesthesia closed cardiac massage closed chest cardiac massage closed head syndrome closed reading frame
closed reduction closely packed array closely packed spindle cell closely related problem clostridial gas gangrene
clostridial infection clostridial myonecrosis clostridium clostridium perfringens clot retraction test
clot retraction time clotting clotting abnormalities clotting abnormalitt clotting mechanism
coagulation phase of hemostasis coagulopathy coal miner elbow coal-tar analgesic coarctation
coarctation of aorta coarse trabeculation coat-gram coat-sleeve amputation coating of red cells
coaxical coaxical cylinder viscometer cobblestone tongue codon codon sequence on messenger rna
coelomic coelomic lining epithelium coenzyme cognitive and motor function cognitive and psychomotor impairment
cogwheel rigidity coiled position coiling of cord around fetal neck coiling of ombilical cord cointegrate resolution
coisogenic colicystopyelitis collagen collagen biomaterial collagen cross-linking
collagen-rich osteoid matrix collagenase collagenase activity collagenization collagenous
collapse collapse of vertebrae collar button abscess collateral fiber of winslow collecting duct epithelium
collection of first morning urine coloboma coloboma and anal atresia syndrome colombian tick fever colonic
colonic diverticular disease colonic epithelial cell colonies from a single cell colonoscopic biopsy specimen colonoscopie polypectomy
colony forming assay colony from a single cell colony hybridization colony-forming unit-spleen assay colony-stimulating factor
colpohyperplasia cystica column adsorption chromatography columnar and cuboidal epithelial cell columnar epithelium columnar secretory cell
coma with impaired response to painful stimulation combination chemotherapy combination of a cell-wall-active drug combined drug therapy combined right and left heart failure
combined right and left heart-failure combined system disease combined typhoid-paratyphoid a and b, tetanus toxoid and diphtheria toxoid vaccine commun atrioventricular canal commun hepatic duct
communicable disease communication hydrocele community nurse community-acquired infection compact substance of bones
comparative genomic hybridization comparator compensated heart failure compensated polarizing light microscopy compensating emphysema

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