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pyrrolizidine pyruvaemia pyruvate kinase pyruvemia pythogenic fever
pyuria q 6 h q band q fever q wave
Q-wave myocardial infarction QRS complex slurred on the upstroke QS wave quack doctor quadrangular lobe of cerebellum
quadrangular lobule of cerebellum quadrate foramen quadrate lobe of cerebral hemisphere quadrate muscle of sole quadratus lumborum muscle
quadriceps quadriceps femoris muscle quadriceps jerk quadrigemellary quadrigeminal
quadrigeminal bodies quadrigeminy quadrilobate quadripara quadriplegia
quadroon quadrupedal extensor reflex quadrupole mass qualified investigator quality control test
quality of life quality of life trial quantitated quantitation quantitative computerized tomography
quantitative determination quantum number quaque die quarantin quarantinable disease
quarantine period quartan quartan fever quaternary structure quebracho bark
queckensted test queensland tick typhus queensland typhus de tique quellung reaction querulousness
Quervain' disease Quervain's disease quick lime Quick's test Quick's test for liver function
quick-stop a à arrêt quiescent cell quilled radiathermy radiatio acustica
radiation dermatitis radiation field radiation heat radiation ileitis radiation small intestine
radiation therapy radiation-field radiation-induced lesion radical treatment radices
radicotomy radiculalgia radicular reaming radiculectomy radiculodental
radiculography radiculomedullary radiculomyelopathy radiculopathy radiectomy
radiferous radio iron radio iron plasma radio knife radio-isotope
radio-opacity radioactinium radioaction radioactive carbon radioactive iodine test
radioactive iodine uptake radioactive iodine uptake test radioactive probe radioactive series radioactive tracer
radioactive tracer imaging radioactive waste radioallergosorbent test radioassay radioautogram
radioautograph radioautography radiobicipital radiobiological radiobiologist
radiobiology radiocalcium radiocancer radiocarbon radiocardiogram
radiocardiogramm radiocardiography radiochemical radiochemistry radiochemotherapy
radiocinematograph radiocinematographic radiocinematography radiocobalt radiocolloid
radiocontrast agent radiocurable radiocystitis radiodensimetry radiodermatitis
radiodiagnosis radioelement radioenzymatic radioepidermitis radioepithelitis
radix unguis radon radon gas radzyge raffinase
raffinose ragic sequel Ragsorter's disease rainbow scale raised lesion
raised riverside of silt raman effect ramibacterium ramicotomy ramisection
ramisectomy ramitis Ramond's sign Ramsay Hunt's syndrome ramulus
random allocation random mating random number random sample randomisation
randomised trial randomization randomized trial range of doses range of hearing
range of options range of vaccines range of values range of voice rangy
ranine tumor rank correlation raose suspicion of a cardiac disorder raphania raphe of pharynx
raphe of scrotum raphidiospore rapid and shallow respiration rapid cycling bipolar disorder rapid exhaustion
rapid eye movement sleep rapid growers rapid lysis mutant rapid respiration rapid runoff
rapid tissue necrosis rapid upstroke rapid-acting insulin rapidly dividing cell rapidly expanding field
rapidly moving area rapoport-luebering shunt rare meat rarefaction of bone rarefying osteitis
raspatory raspberry mark raspberry tongue rasping rasping murmur
rasping of bone rasping voice raspy voice rat acrodynia actor rat bite fever
rat control rat gn rat tapeworm rat unit rat-arsed
rat-bite disease rat-mite dermatitis rat-unit rate dependent rate fixed-rate pacemaker
recalcifiration recall memory recanalization recanalize a vessel recapitulation theory
receding chin receding forehead receive immunosuppressive therapy recent audit recent cold
recent memory receptaculum chyli receptive aphasia receptive domain receptive field
receptiveness receptor protein receptor site receptor-operated recessive trait
recessivity recessus recidivation reciprocal arm reciprocating rhythm
recirculate recirculation time recitation of symptoms Recklinghausen's disease Recklinghausen-Applebaum disease
reclination reclinator recognition site recombinant coagulation recombinant human insulin
recombinant plasmid recombinant progeny recombinant rna recombination-repair recombined
recommendations to quit smoking recommended daily diet recommended daily dietary allowances recommended daily diets recommended regimens
recording electrode records keeping records keeping and of office work recover without residua recovery of the organism
recovery of the parasite recovery room recovery time recreational drug recrement
recrudescence of an infection recrudescence of an old tb infection recrudescence of dormant infection recrudescent angina rectal fold
rectal reflex rectal sinus rectal speculum rectal swab rectal touch
rectal urgency rectalgia rectectomy rectifying device reducing diet
reducing enzyme reducing exposure reducing treatment reductant reduction division
reduction in bone mass reductionism reductone reduplicated kidney reduplication of kidney
reduplication of second sound reduplication of ureter reduviid reduviidae reed cell
Reed-Hodgkin's disease reel foot reeling titubation reentry into society refer a patient
referable reference drug reference lead reference man reference plasma
reference strip reference work referential ideas referred pain referred reflex
referred sensation refined wool fat reflectible reflecting surface reflex bladder
reflex decidua reflex hammer reflex seizure reflex therapy reflex vagal tone
reflex-timing reflexogenic reflexogenous reflexogram reflexograph
reflexology reflexometer reflexometry reflexotherapy reflux esophagitis
refluxed reformative surgery refracta dosi refractile object refracting power
refractionist refractive ametropia refractive error refractive media of eye refractive medium
refractive photokeratectomy refractivity refractometer refractometry refractory period of muscle
refractoscope refrangibility refresher course refrigeration anesthesia refringency
refsum disease Refsum's disease regain weight regel regenerating microorganism
regenerating nodule of liver parenchyma regenerative process region of nape regional enteritis registered medical practitioner
registered name rem sleep rem sleep deprivation remedial reading remedy for fever
remineralization remineralization of bone remission induction chemotherapy remission-inducing agent remission-inducing treatment
remittent remnography remote host remote memory removable
removable denture removable partial denture removable prosthesis removal from study removal of a clamp
removal of a toxic substance removal of a wick removal of allergen removal of bsp from blood removal of cast
removal of foreign body removal of kidney removal of stones remyelinate renal biopsy
renal blockade renal change renal clearance renal colic renal compromise
renal damage renal duct renal dysfunction renal fascia renal impairment
renal infantilism renal injury renal insufficiency renal insult. renal involvement
renal plasma flow renal route renal shutdown renal stone renal tubule defect
renalpelvis renaturation renculus renewed renewing cell
renicapsule renicardiac reniculi renikhet disease renin-angiotensin system
renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system renin-secreting renipelvic rennin renninogen
reno-renal renocortical renography renopathy resilient nystagmus
resinoid resistance of tables to wear and tear resistance reflex resistance thermometer resistance to flow
resistance to hypotonic hemolysis resistance to passive movement resistance vessel resistant ovary syndrome resistant to antibiotics
resolvase resolvent resolvent power resonance chamber resonance of the voice
resonant frequency resorb resorbed resorcin resorcinol
resorcinolphathalein resorcinum resorptive cell respiration center respiration frequency
respiration rate respiratory arrhythmia respiratory atrium respiratory disease respiratory distress syndrome
respiratory exchange ratio respiratory failure respiratory gase respiratory illness respiratory minute volume
respiratory muscle training respiratory passage respiratory pigment respiratory rate respiratory route
respiratory sound respiratory syncytial virus response to trh responsive to therapy rest angina

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