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loose bulk density loose cough loose shoulder loose skin loose stools
loose tooth loose-jointedness loosely arranged mesenchymal tissue looseness looseness of bowels
loosening of nail loosening of stool loosening of the teeth loperamide lophodont
lophotrichea lophotrichous Lorain's disease lordoscoliosis lordosis
lordotic Loriga's disease lose observation of patient loss of a loved one loss of continuity
loss of erection loss of hair loss of normal mucosal pattern loss of sex drive loss of voice
loss of voluntary movement loss of weight and appetite loss on drying lower limb arteriopathy lower limit of the normal range
lower magnification view lower margin lower motoneuron lower motor neuron lower nephron nephrosis
lower pressure in the legs lower respiratory airway lower respiratory infection lower respiratory tract infection lower rib
lower sensory nucleus of trigeminal nerve lower teeth lower tooth lower urinary tract infection lower urinary tract obstruction
lower vitamin e content lowered oxygen tension lowest splanchnic nerve lowly life form loxarthron
loxia loxic loxophthalmus lubricant laxative Lucas-Champonnière disease
luciferase luciferin lucifugal lues tarda luetic
luette lumbago-sciatica lumbalization lumbar enlargement lumbar puncture
lumbar rheumatism lumbar spine lumbar spondylosis lumbar support lumbarization
lumbo-iliac lumbocolostomy lumbocolotomy lumbodorsal lumbodynia
lumbosacral joint lumbrical lumbricales muscles lumbrici lumbricin
lumbricoid lumbricosis lumbricus lumbus luminae
luminal amebicide luminal contents luminance luminophore lump of cells
lumpectomy lumpy jaw lumpy-jaw lunate bone lunate surface
lunatic asylum lunatomalacia Lundh test lung abscess lung and kidney lesion
lung apices lung bird-fancier's disease lung blood tissue concentration ratio lung compliance lung compression
lung field lung fluke disease lung function test lung lesion lung parenchyma
lung puncture lymphadenosis benigna cutis lymphadenovarix lymphaemia lymphagogue
lymphangeitis lymphangial lymphangiectasia lymphangiectasis lymphangiectatic
lymphangiectomy lymphangiitis lymphangioadenography lymphangioendothelioma lymphangiofibroma
lymphangiography lymphangioitis lymphangiology lymphangioma lymphangioma cavernosum
lymphangioma cysticum lymphangioma simplex lymphangiomatosis lymphangiopericytoma lymphangiophlebitis
lymphangioplasty lymphangiosarcoma lymphangitic lymphanglectasis lymphatic cachexia
lymphatic or blood vessel lymphatic vessel lymphatics lymphatism lymphatitis
lymphatology lymphectasia lymphemia lymphendothelioma lymphepithelioma
lymphization lymphnoditis lympho-epithelioma lymphoblasthemia lymphoblastoma
lymphoblastomatosis lymphocele lymphocyst lymphocyte mitogenesis lymphocythaemia
lymphocytoblast lymphocytoma lymphocytoma cuti lymphocytomatosis lymphocytopenia
lymphocytopoiesis lymphocytopoietic lymphocytosis lymphocytotoxic lymphocytotoxicity
lymphocytotoxin lymphodermia lymphodermia perniciosa lymphoduct lymphoedema
lymphoendothelioma lymphoepithelioma lymphoepithelium lymphoerythrocyte lymphogenesis
lymphogenous lysogeny lysokinase lysolecithin lysophobia
lysophosphatide lysosomal lysosome lysosomial lysostaphin
lysozym lysozymaemia lysozyme lysozyme level lyssic
lyssophobia lytta lyxose m band m period
m phase m phase promoting factor m protein m-mode echocardiography m. avium
M. avium m. avium infection m. avium-intracellulare m. bovis m. tuberculosis
m. tuberculosis infection Mac Murray's procedure Mac Murray's sign Machado-Guerreiro test machinery murmur
machlosyne machupo virus macies macis macrencephalia
macrencephaly macro-orchidism macroaggregate macroamylasaemia macroamylase
macrobacterium macroblast of naegeli macrobrachia macrocardius macrocephalia
macrocephalous macrocephaly macrocheilia macrocheiria macrochilia
macrochiria macroclitoris macrocolon macrocoly macrocytase
macrocyte macrocythemia macrocytosis macrodactylia macrodactyly
macrodontia macrodontic macrodontism macrogametocyte macrogamy
macrogastria macrogenesy macroglia macroglossia macrognathia
macrography macrogyria macrolabia macroleukoblast macrolide
macrolymphocyte macrolymphocytosis macromastia macromazia macromelia
macromer macromere macromimia macromonocyte macronychia
maintaining tone maintenance dialysis maintenance dose maintenance regimen maintenance therapy
Maisonneuve's fracture Maissiat's band Majocchi's disease major affective disorder major anatomic change
major anticonvulsant major antigenic determinant major antituberculosis drug major blood group systems major caruncle of Santorini
major chemotherapy major contributor to the higher mortality major crossmatch major deep vein major depression
major depressive episode major diuretic major dysrhythmia major ectodermal defect major epilepsy
major evolutionary step major factor in the causation major histocompatibility antigen major histocompatibility complex major histocompatibility system
major pathway major physical defect major sublingual duct major tranquilizer major vessel
makeshift splint malabar ulcer malacoplakia malacosteon malacotomy
maladive malaise malakoplakia malakoplakic malariacidal
malarial disease malarial rosette malarial therapy malarialization malariatherapy
malariologist malariology malariotherapy malarious malarisation
Malassez's disease malassezia malate malathion malaxation
malayan filariosis malcoeur maldescent male carrier male climacteric
male erectile dysfunction male fern male guinea pig male infertility male menopause
male mosquito male mouse maleate malformated malhealing
Malherbe's epithelioma maliasmus malic malicious mischief malign growth
maligna lymphogranulomatosis malignancy malignancy criteria malignant adenoma mammalogy
mammaplasty mammary duct mammary feminism mammatrope mammectomy
mammiform mammilary mammilary part of temporal mammiliform mammilitis
mammillary mammillary bodies mammillary body mammillary process of lumbar vertebrae mammillated
mammillotegmental mammillotegmental tract mammillothalamic mammillothalamic tract mammiplasty
mammitis mammitis X mammo mammographic mammography
mammoplasia mammoplasty mammotomy mammotropic mammotropic hormone
mammotropin man-years managed medical care management of case management of depression
management of heart failure manchurian epidemic fever mancinism mandama mandelic
mandibular arch mandibular canal mandibular process mandibular retraction mandibulofacial
mandragora mandrake mandrel mandrin manducation
manducatory manganic manganism manganous mange
mania a potu manic excitement manichaeism manicure manifest content
manifest deviation manifest disease manifest strabismus manifestation of the disease maniloquism
maniphalanx manipulative therapy manninotriose mannite mannitol clearance
mannocarolose mannosan mannose mannosidase mannosidosis
mannosidostreptomycin mannosocellulose manoeuver manometry Manson's haemoptysis
mansonelliasis marmoration marriage and family therapy marriage counselor marrow cavity
marrow cell marrow fibrosis marrow nailing marrow poor in cells marrow replacement
marrow rich in cells marrow storage pool marrowbrain marseille fever marsh gas
Marsh's disease marshall marshall hall's disease marshfever marsupial notch
marsupialization Martin's disease maschaladenitis maschaloncus masculation
masculinity ratio masculinization masculinizing maser masked face
masked gout masking effect masking pain Mason's lung mass effect of brain tumor
mass law mass movement of colon mass number mass reflex mass screening

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