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heterothermic heterothermy heterotonia heterotopia heterotopic
heterotopy heterotoxin heterotransplant heterotransplantation heterotrichosis
heterotroph heterotrophia heterotrophic heterotypic heterotypical
heterovaccine heteroxenous heteroxeny heteroxide heterozoic
heterozygosis heterozygosity heterozygote heterozygous Heubner's disease
heubner-herter disease hexabasic hexabiose hexacanth hexachlorophene
hexacosane hexad element hexadactylia hexadactylism hexamethonium
hexamethylated hexamethylenamtne hexamethylendiamine hexamidine hexamylose
hexane hexaploid hexavalent hexaxial hexenmilch
hexetidine hexiology hexobarbital soluble hexocyclium hexokinase
hexon hexonic hexosan hexose hexose monophosphate shunt
Hey's hernia hi test hiatal hiatus femoralis hiatus hernia
hiatus leukemicus hiatus sacralis hib meningitis hibernating animal hibernating gland
hibernating glands hibernating myocardium hiccough hiccup Hildenbrand's disease
hile porta hepatis hilifuge hilitis hilum hilum of lung
hilum of olivary nucleus hilus hilus hepatis hilus lienis hilus nuclei olivaris
hilus of lymph node hilus pulmonis hile pulmonaire hinchazon hind gut hind kidney
hind-gut hind-kidney hindbrain hindfoot hindgut
hindlimb hindquarters hinge axis hinge osteotomy hinge prosthesis
hinge region hip joint hip-joint disease hipbone socket hippanthropia
Hippel's disease hippocratic face hippocratic nail hippocratic oath hippurase
hippuria hippuricase hircismus hircus Hirschberg's reflex
Hirschsprung's disease hirsuties hirsutism hirtz view hirudicidal
hirudinÚes his' bundle his' disease his-werner disease hisian
hissing respiration histaminase histamine antagonist histamine test histamine-releaser
histaminemia histaminergic histaminia histaminic histanoxia
histidinase histidine histidine decarboxylase histidine loading test histidine monohydrochlride
histidine-producing genetic mutant histidine-requiring histidine-rich glycoprotein histidinemia histidinuria
histiocyte histiocytic histiocytomatosis holism holistic care
hollow back hollow fiber dializer hollow sella syndrome hollowed out cheeks hollyhock
holoantigen holoblastic holocephalic holocrine holodiastolic
holoenzyme hologamy hologynic hologynic inheritance holomorphosis
holoprosencephaly holoptic holorachischisis holosaccharide holosystolic
holosystolic murmur holotrichous holozoic Holter examination holter magnetic tape recorder
holter recording holter valve Holthouse's hernia Holzknecht's scale homalocephalus
homatropine home care home dialysis home distilled whiskey home for the aged
home haemodialysis home hemodialysis home treatment home-run drug homeobox
homeochrome homeodomain homeograft homeomorphous homeopathist
homeoplasia homeoplastic homeosis homeostatic homeotherapy
homeothermal homeothermic human homeotic homeotransplant homeotransplantation
homergy homicidomania homilophobia homing instinct homochrome
homochronous homocyclic homocystinuria homoduplex homogametic
homogenate homogeneization homogenesis homogenetic homogenic
homogenicity homogenization homogentisate homogentisic acid homogentisuria
homogeny homograft homohemotherapy homoioplasia homoiotherm
homoiothermal homoiothermic homoiothermism homoiothermy homokeratoplasty
homolateral homologen homologous base pairing homologous graft homologous serum hepatitis
homologous serum jaundice homologous strain homologous vaccine hospital waste hospital-based infection
hospitalisation hospitalism host antibody host antibody production host antimicrobial defense
host cell b1-integrin host cell dna host cytoskeletal protein host defense host epithelial cell
host humoral immune system host humoral response host immune defense host of metabolic and endocrine alterations host receptor
host resistance host species host tissue host versus graft host-cellular response
host-specified host-tumor balance host-tumor relationship hostile cervix hot cautery
hot flash hot flashes hot flushes hot line hot moist pack
hot plate test hot radical hot snare hot stage microscope hot stylus
hot sulfur spring hot water bottle hot wire detector hot-cathode tube hottentot bustle
hourglass head hourglass stomach hourglass tumor hourglass vertebra house call
house dust house mouse house officer house physician housefly
household contact household members housekeeping gene housemaid's knee Houston's valves
hsv-1 hsv-2. HTLV-I HTLV-I retrovirus hughes' reflex
Huguier's disease human beings human body human cell-derived human cmv
human engineer human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 human fetus human gn human growth hormone
human milk bank human papovavirus human pathology hydatoid Hyde's disease
hydnocarpate hydracid hydradenoma hydragogue hydragyrosis
hydramine hydramnion hydrangiography hydrangiology hydrargyri
hydrargyria hydrargyrisme hydrargyrosis hydrargyrum hydrarthrosis
hydrase hydratation hydrating hydraulics hydrazide
hydremia hydrencephalocele hydrencephalomeningocele hydrencephalus hydriatic
hydriatics hydric hydride hydro-aeric hydroa
hydroalcoholic hydroappendix hydroblepharon hydrobromide hydrocalix
hydrocardia hydrocele colli hydrocele muliebris hydrocele of tunis vaginalis testis hydrocenosis
hydrocephalic hydrocephalocele hydrocephaloid hydrochlorate hydrochloric acid
hydrochlorothiazide hydrocholecystis hydrocholeresis hydrocholeretic hydrocirsocele
hydrocodin hydrocodone hydrocortisone hydrocution hydrocyst
hydrocystadenoma hydrocystoma hydrodistillation hydroelectrolytic hydroencephalocele
hydroergotinine hydrogalvanic hydrogel hydrogen bond hydrogen donator
hydrogen donor hydrogen electrode hydrogen peroxide hydrogenate hydrogenation
hydrogenide hydrogenize hydroglossa hydrogymnastics hydrohematonephrosis
hydrohepatosis hydrohymenitis hydrokinesitherapy hydrolabile hydrolability
hydrolase hydrolipidic hydrolize hydrolysate hydrolyse
hygienization hygienology hygric hygroblepharic hygroma
hygrometric hygrometry hygrophobia hygroscopic potential hygrostomia
hymenal caruncle hymenal membrane hymenal orifice hymenitis hymenorrhaphy
hyo-epiglottic hyobasioglossus hyoepiglottic hyoglossal hyoglossus
hyoscine hyothyroid hypacusia hypacusis hypadrenia
hypaesthesia hypalbuminemia hypalgesia hypalgesic hypalgetic
hypalgia hyper secretion hyper-responsiveness hyperaldosteronism hyperbaric
hyperbarye hyperbatic hypercalcemia syndrome hypercalcemic hypercapnia
hypercapnic acidosis hypercapnic encephalopathy hypercellular marrow hypercellularity hyperchloremic acidosis
hypercholesterolemia hyperchromasia hyperchromatic macrocythaemia hyperchromia hyperchromic
hypercinesia hypercorticism hypercrinism hyperechogenic hyperekplexie
hyperelectrolytaemia hyperemesis hyperemesis gravidarum hyperemia hyperemic
hyperemotivity hyperencephalus hyperendemic area hyperepinephry hyperergia
hyperergy hyperesthesia hyperestrinaemia hyperestrinism hyperextension
hyperfibrinogenaemia hyperfibrinosaemia hyperflexion hyperfolliculinaemia hyperfolliculinism
hyperfunctionning hypergenitalism hypergeusia hyperglobulia hyperglobulism

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