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diplococci diplococcoid diplococcus diplococcus pneumoniae diplocoria
diploe diploë diploetic diplogenesis diploic
diploic canal discrete automated analyzer discrete-flow automated analyzer discrimination time discus articularis
discus articularis articulationis radioulnaris distalis discus articularis articulationis temporomandibularis discus interpubicus discus intervertebralis discus nervi optici
discus proligerus discussion of marijuana disease area disease communicated disease control center
disease control rate disease entity disease inherited as an autosomal dominant disease of dominant inheritance disease process
disease status disease tar disease-causing disease-controlling disease-free survival
disease-modifying disease-modifying antirheumatic drug disease-modifying drug disease-modifying treatment disease-related
diseased bowel diseases that run in families disesthesia disgerminoma dish-face deformity
disimmune disimmunize disimpaction disinfestation disinhibition
disinsection disinsectization disinsertion disintegrant disintegrating myelin
disintoxication disinvagination disk degeneration disk diameter disk disease
disk method disk test diskarthrosis diskectomy diskiform
diskitis diskography diskoradiculography dislocatability of hip dislocation of knee
dismembrement disobliteration disome disomy disopyramide
disorder of affect disorder of thought disordered mood disordered mood troubles disparasitize
dispensing capsule dispensing of health care dispensing of patient care dispermy dispersant
disperse medium disperse system dispersed repeated sequence dispersible dispersing
disturbed judgment disulfide disulfide bond disulfide bridge disulfide link
disulfiduria disulfiram disulfonate disulphide bond disuse syndrome
disynaptic dithiothreitol diuresis divalent divalproate sodium
diverging meniscus diverticular disease-related diverticulectomy diverticulitis diverticulopexy
diverticulosis diverticulosis of the colon diverticulosis ostia diverting loop ileostomy divided dose iv
dividing cell dividing in two diving goiter divinyl division of nerve
division of synechiae division of tendon divisional block dizygotic dizygotic twins
dizzy spells dmsa scan dna chain elongation DNA chip dna containing virus
dna containing viruses dna content DNA content dna gap DNA gap
dna gene chip DNA gene chip dna gyrase DNA gyrase DNA library
DNA microarray dna polymerase dna probe dna rna hybrid dna sequences
DNA sequences dna spacer DNA strand dna strand break dna synthetizer
dna tumor viruses dna vaccine DNA vaccine dna virus dna viruses
dna-dependent dna-rna hybrid dnaases dnase dochmiasis
dochmiosis docimasia doctor in residence doctor of medicine doctor of pharmacy
doctor's bag dorsiflexion dorsiflexor dorso-lateral dorsoiliac
dorsolumbar dorsomedial dorsosacral position dorsoventrally dorsum
dorsum sellae dosage decrement dosage determination trial dosage form dosage meter
dosage schedule dosator dose adjustment dose ascension dose decrement
dose level dose range dose ranging study dose rate dose rate control
dose ratemeter dose ratio dose related dose schedule dose setting
dose-dependant dose-dependent dose-dependent somnolence dose-effect relationship dose-rate
dose-related dose-response relationship dosimeter dosimetric dosimetry
dosing dosing formulation dosing interval dosing level dosing pump
dosing regimen dosis curativa dosis refracta dot blot dotage
dothienenteria dothienenteritis double aortic arch double beat double bond
double contour shadow double contrast enema double contrast technique double decomposition double dilution derivative measurement technique
double displacement double duroziez murmur double fracture double gallbladder double harelip
double helix double hernia double quartan double refringency double renal pelvis
double stranded double tertian double tongue double touch double vision
double weighing double-agent therapy double-blind test double-bonded double-chain
drug "holiday" drug allergy drug and alcohol counselor drug content drug control
drug dependence drug dependency drug eruption drug high drug kinetics
drug misuse drug monitoring drug of choice drug of first choice drug rash
drug regimen drug resistance drug safety drug sensitivity testing drug sensitivity testing in mice
drug squad drug supplie drug supply drug surveillance drug taker
drug taking drug tolerance drug used diagnostically drug-addicted drug-fast
drug-fastness drug-induced hepatitis drug-lipid interaction drug-pusher drug-resistant organism
drug-seeking behavior drug/alcohol abuse drugs racket drum belly drum membrane
drumming drumstick nuclear appendage drunken gait drunken sensation drunkeness
drupe drusen dry beriberi dry cell dry cell battery
dry cup dry eye syndrome dry eyes dry granulating method dry hacking
dry joint dry milling dry mounting dry objective dry puncture
dry rot fungus dry socket dry swallow dry tap dry-coated tablet
drying chamber drying stove dryness dt vaccine dt/dt mice
dtc vaccine dual task dual therapy dura matter dural endothelioma
Durand's disease durematoma duritis duro-arachnitis durosarcoma
Duroziez's disease Duroziez's murmur dust cell dust control dust fever
dust mite Dutton's disease duty cycle duty of reporting Duval's nucleus
Duverney's foramen dwarf tapeworm dwarfishness dyad dydrogesterone
dye used in foods dynamic block dynamic process dynamin dynamogenesis
dynamogenic dynamogeny dynamograph dynamometry dynarnometer
dynein arm dynorphin dysacousia dysacousiadysacousis dysacousma
dysadrenia dysaesthesia dysallilognathia dysantigraphia dysarthria
dysarthric dysarthrosis dysautonomia dysbarism dysbasia
dysbetalipoproteinaernia dysbulia dyschesia dyschezia dyschiria
dyscholia dyschondroplasia dyschondrosteosis dyschromasia dyschromatopsia
dyschromia dyschylia dyscinesia dyscrasic dysdiadochokinesia
dysdiadochokinesis dysdipsia dysectasia dysembryoma dysembryoplasia
dysencephalia splanchnocystica dysendocrinia dysendocriniasis dysendocrinism dysendocrinose
dysendocrisiasis dysendrocrinia dysenteric dysequilibrium dysergasia
dysergia dyserythropoietic dysesthesia dysphrenia dyspituitarism
dysplasia of hip dysplastic dyspnea in asthma dyspnea on exertion dyspneic
dyspnoea dyspraxia dysprosody dysproteinemia dysraphia
dysraphism dysregulate dyssomnia dysspermatism dysspermia
dysstasia dyssymbolia dyssymboly dyssymmetry dystasia
dysthryroidism dysthymia dysthymic disorder dysthyreosis dysthyroidea
dysthyroidism dystocia due to bone structure dystocia due to hemorrhage dystocial dystonia
dystonia lenticularis dystonia muscularum dystonia musculorum deformans dystonic dystonic posturing
dystonin dystopia dystopy dystrophia dystrophic
dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa inversa dystrophin dystrophinopathy dysuria dysuriac
dysuric dysury e . coli e . coli bacteremia e . coli enterotoxin
e . coli strain e . coli strains e . faecalis e rosette-forming cells Eales'disease
ear ache ear block ear bone ear drops ear drum
ear dust ear infection ear nose throat ear pit ear plug
ear speculum ear, nose and throat ear, nose, throat ear-nose-throat earlier accounts
earlier contributor earliest manifestation earliest neuropathologic change early ambulation early and late endosome
early antigen early autumn early childhood early depletion early disease

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