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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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bockhart's impetigo body packer syndrome body plethysmography body ringworm body section roentgenogram
body section roentgenography bone formation rate bone growth in length bone length discrepancy bone marrow aspirate examination
bone marrow aspiration bone marrow depression bone marrow differential count bone marrow différential count bone marrow failure
bone marrow function test bone marrow infusion bone mineralization bone-marrow transfusion bony canals of ear
bony inferior nasal concha Bosworth's operation bot bothriocephalus bothriocephalus anemia
bottled carbonated beverage botulism botulism treatment bouchet's disease bougie
bouillaud's disease bouillon bouillon culture medium boundaries of tissues brachioradial ligament
brachium brachium cerebelli brachium colliculi inferioris brachium colliculi superioris brachloradialis reflex
bradshaw's albumosuria bradshaw's proteinuria brady-tachy syndrome brain steal branch-chain alimino acid
branch-chain amino acid branched chain ketoaciduria branched-chain amino acid branched-chain hydrocarbon brancher deficiency amylopectinosis
branchial brandt's syndrome breathing frequency breathing independently breathing retraining
breeding program bregmatic brephoplastic bretonneau's disease brickmaker's anemia
bridging pattern of necrosis bridging strand brief psychiatric rating scale bromine bromsulphalein
bromsulphalein test bronchial bronchial mucolytic bronchial obstruction bronchiectasis
bronchiolar bronchiole bronchiolitis bronchiolitis obliterans bronchioloalveolar
bronchioloalveolar carcinoma bronchoscope bronchoscopic bronchoscopic aspiration bronchoscopy
bronchoscopy with protected brush catheter bronchospastic phase bronchospirochetosis bronchovascular markings bronze baby syndrome
bronze diabetes brooke's disease broth serial dilution method brother-sister mating brown-hopps tissue gram stain
brown-sequard syndrome brown-symmers disease brownian brownian-zsigmondy movement brucella
Brucella buckteeth bucnemia budda position of fetus budding of vesicle
büdinger-ludloff-laewen disease buerger's disease buerger-grütz disease buffalo hump buffering
building new cells bulbar bulbar speech bulbocavernous reflex bulbospinal monoaminergic pathways
bulbospinal tract bulbourethral bulk laxative bulla bursitis
burst forming unit of erythrocyte buschke's scleroederna buschke-l÷wenstein tumour by-product free 02 byler's disease
bypass tracts of james c-terminal amino acid cabot's ring bodies cabot's ring body caenorhabditis elegans
caesarian caffey pseudo-hurler syndrome caffey's disease caffey-kempe syndrome caisson disease of bone
caked bag calcaneal calcaneocuboid calcaneus calcar
calcareous calcareous degeneration calcareous tendinitis calcarine calibrated thermometer
calices caliculus calium channel blocking agent calix callosal agenesis
callosal gyrus callosum calomel disease calor camp-dependent protein kinase
campomelic campylobacter camurati-engelmann disease canal for facial nerve canal of chorda tympani

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