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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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allosome allosterism allostery allotetraploid allotherm
allotopia allotransplant allotransplantation allotriodontia allotriogeustia
allotriolith allotriophagia allotriophagy allotriosmia allotriuria
allotrophic allotropical allotropism allotropy allotrylic
allotype allotypic allotypically allotypy alloxan diabetes
alloxazine alloxuremia alloxuria alloxuric base allozyme
allozymic allyl isothiocyanate allylamine allylic allylthiourea
Almeida's disease aloe alogia alone or in combination alopecia adnata
alopecia areata alopecia circumscripta alopecia disseminata alopecia mucinosa alopecia neurotica
alopecia triangulari congenitalis alopecia universalis alopecic alpha 1 blocker alpha 1-blocker
alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor alpha adrenergic receptor alpha block aluminium band aluminium cap
aluminium hydride aluminium hydroxide-adsorbeb toxoid aluminium hydroxide-adsorbed toxoid vaccine aluminium phosphate buffer aluminosis
aluminum band aluminum cap aluminum hydride aluminum hydroxide-adsorbeb toxoid aluminum hydroxide-adsorbed toxoid vaccine
aluminum phosphate buffer alveobronchiolitis alveolar air alveolar arch alveolar cavity
alveolar cell carcinoma alveolar duct alveolar epithelial cell, type i alveolar epithelial cell, type ii alveolar limbus
alveolar margin alveolar oxygen tension alveolar process alveolar ridge alveolar wall
alveolar-arterial alveolar-arterial p02 différence alveolar-capillar alveolar-capillar block alveolar-capillary
alveolar-capillary gas exchange alveolarization alveolate alveolated alveolation
alveolectomy alveoli alveolitis alveolo-dental alveolobasilar line
alveolobronchiolitis alveoloclasia alveolocondylean alveolodental membrane alveololabial
alveololabialis alveololingua alveololingual alveolomerotomy alveolonasal
alveolopalatal alveoloplasty alveolotomy alveolus alveolysis
alveus communis alveus of hippocampus alvine alvinolith alymphia
alymphocytosis alymphoplasia alyssous Alzheimer disease Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer-type dementia amaas amacratic amacrinal amacrine
amalgam carrier amalgamable amalgamator amanita amanitin
amanitotoxin amantadine amarilic typhus amarillic amaroid
amaroids amarthritis amasesis amastia amastigotes
amathophobia amaurosis fugax amaurotic amaurotic familial idiocy american association of poison control centers
american college american college of rheumatology american medical association amerisia ameristic
ameroid ames test ametabolous ametachromophil ametaneutrophil
amethocaine amethopterin ametria ametrometer ametropia
ametropic amfepramone amianthoid amianthosis amicrobial
amicrobic amidase amide derived from proteins amide linkage amidinase
amidine amido black amidolytic amidone amidopyrine
amidoxime amikacin amiloride amimia aminaemia
aminazine amino acid sequence amino end amino group amino terminus
amino-sugar aminoacidaemia aminoacidemia aminoacidopathy aminoacylase
aminobenzoate aminobenzoic aminobenzoic acid aminoglutethimide aminoglycoside antibiotic
aminoguanidine aminolysis aminonucleoside aminopenicillin aminophenol
aminophenylacetyl aminopherase aminophylline aminopolypeptidase aminopterin
aminopurine aminopyrine aminosalylum aminosugar aminosuria
aminoterminal aminothiazole aminotransaminase amiodarone amisulpride
amitosis amitotic amitotically amitriptyline amlodipine besylate
amphitrichate amphitrichous amphitrichous bacterium amphophil amphophilic
amphophilous amphoric amphoric breath sound amphoric murmur amphoric resonance
amphoteric amphotericin amphotony ampicillin ampicilline
ampliate ampliation amplifiable amplimer ampliphotography
amplitude of accommodation amplitude of accomodation amplitude of pulses amply documented ampulla canaliculi lacrimalis
ampulla chyli ampulla ductus deferentis ampulla ductus lacrimalis ampulla hepatopancreatica ampulla recti
ampulla tubae uterinae ampullaceous ampullae ampullae lactiferae ampullae of breast
ampullary ampullate ampullitis amputation in contiguity amputation in continuity
amsterdam dwarf amsterdam type amusia amyasthenia amyasthenic
amychophobia amyctic amyelencephalia amyelencephalus amyelia
amyelic amyelinate amyelineuria amyelinic amyelonic
amyelotrophy amyelus amygdala accessoria amygdala amara amygdala dulcis
amygdalectomy amygdalin amygdaline amygdalitis amygdaloid body
amygdalolith amygdalopathy amygdalothrypsis amygdalotome amygdalotomy
amylacea amylasemia amylasuria amylic amylism
amylodyspepsia amylogen amylogenesis amylogenic amylohydrolysis
amyloid degeneration amyloid joint disease amyloid kidney amyloid thesaurismosis amyloidogenic
amylolytic ferment anaesthetics anaesthetization anaesthetizing room anagenesis
anagenetic anagocytic anagogic anagotoxic anakatadidyrnus
anakatesthesia anakhre anakinetorneric anakmesis anakusis
anal dilator anal pit anal sadistic stage anal skin tag anal stage
anal stricture anal tag anal valve anal wink analbuminaemia
analbuminemia analepsia analepsis analeptic analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
analgesic nephropathy analgia analgic anallergic analog mammography
analyse abstracting analysis by dry process analysis by means of a centrifugal fast analyzer analysis by means of a continous-flow automated analyzer analysis of the electrolyte composition of the blood
analysis of the electrolyte composition of the urine analysis-grade chemicals analysor analyte anamnesia
anamnestic anamniota anamorphosis anamorphote ananabolic
ananaphylaxis ananastasia anancastic anancastic behavior anandia
anandria anangioid anangioplasia anapeiratic anaphalantiasis
anaphase anaphia anaphoresis anaphoria anaphrodisia
anaphrodisiac anaphylactic anaphylactogen anaphylactogenic anaphylactoid
anaphylactotoxin anaphylatoxin anaphylaxy anaphylotoxin anaplasia
anaplasmosis anaplastia anaplasty anaplerosis anapnograph
anapnoic anapnometer anaraxia anaric anarithmia
anarrhexis anarthria literalis anasarca anascitic anaspadia
anaspadias anastalsis androgyny android androidal
andrology androma andromania andromerogony andromimetic
andromorphous andropathy androphany androphile androphilous
androphobia androphonomania androstane androstanediol androstanedione
androstanolone androstene androstenediol androstenedione anechogenic
anechoic anectasis anedous anelectrotonus anematize
anemia of azotemia anemic infarct anemic murmur anemize anemonism
anemophobia anemotaxis anemotropism anencephalia anencephalic
anencephalous anencephalus anencephaly anenteroneuria anenterous
anenzymia anenzymia catalasea aneosinophilia anephric anepia
anepiploic aneretic anergasia anergia anergic
anergique anergy aneroid anerythroblepsia anerythrocyte
anerythroplasia anerythroplastic anerythropoiesis anerythropsia anerythroregenerative
anesthecinesia anesthekinesia anesthesia delivery anesthesia delivery system anesthesia delivery unit
anesthesia department anesthesia drug anesthesia medication anesthesia shock anesthesia-reanimation
anesthesic anesthesimeter anesthesiologist anesthesiology anesthesist
anesthetist anesthetization anesthetize anesthetizing anesthetometer

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