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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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vibration disease vibration syndrome vibratory angioedema vibrio vicarious menstruation
vicarious respiration viral uri viral-like syndrome viremic viridans streptococci
virion virion nucleocapsid virology virulent newcomer pathogen visual analog scale
visual deterioration vital statistics vitamin a derivative vitamin b complex factor vitamin d concentration
vitamin d function vitamin d receptor vitamin deficiencies vitamin e activity vitamin e deficiency
vitamin k antagonist vitamin k deficiency vitamine k-dependent factor vogt-spielmeyer disease voiding
voiding urethrogram voiding urethrography volar aspect of the forearm volar capitular ligament volar fascia
volar regions of fingers volhard's test volkmann's disease vollmer's tuberculin patch test voltage clamp method
voltage sensor voltage-gated ion channel voltage-sensitive gating of ion channel volume infusion volume replacement
voluntary stage of deglutition volunteer blood donor volunteer fireman volunteer firemen volvulus
vomerovaginal canal waardenburg's disease wakefulness waldenstr÷m's macrobulinemia waldeyers tonsillar ring
walking walking frame walking-through angina wall of blood vessels wall of the alimentary canal
wall of the right auricle wall of the yolk sac wall thickening wallerian degeneration walt disney dwarfism
wandering lens water brash water content determination water deprivation test water equilibrium
water for injection water loading test water-bottle silhouette water-clear cell water-in-oil emulsion
water-loading test water-losing nephritis water-sealed drainage waterfall sequence waterlogged cataract
waters wegener's granuloma wegner's disease weibel-palade bodies weichbrodt's reaction
weight variation test weight-bearing joint weil's disease weil-felix reaction weingarten's disease
welfare agency well marked breath sounds well-fitted brace wen wenckebach heart-block
wenckebach's block phenomenon wenckebach's blocksyndrome werdnig-hoffinann disease wernicke's disease wernicke's reaction
wernicke-korsakoff syndrome west african fever west nile virus fever white folded gingivostomatitis white folded mucous membranes dysplasia
white muscle fiber white reaction who have cmv infections whole body counting whole body exposure
whole-body radiotherapy whole-body scanning widal-abrami disease wide pulse pressure wide-angle glaucoma
widening of curve of duodenum widening of intervertebral space within-patient comparison within-trial variability without any bacterial multiplication
without any regulation without leaving any trace without significantly increasing the risk wittmaack ekbom syndrome wk
wolff-parkinson-white syndrome wolffian wolman's disease woman fitted with an iud woman in the functional years
woman of child-bearing age woman of child-gearing age woman past child-bearing women fitted with an iud women most at risk
women of child-bearing age woolsorter woolsorter's disease x-ray coning device x-ray density of bone
x-ray diffraction x-ray diffraction analysis x-ray fluorescence spectrometry x-ray technologist xanthoma
yellow nail syndrome yellow vernix syndrome yellow-coated tongue yersinia yersinia enterocolitica infection
yersinial enteritis yolk yuppie disease zen macrobiotic diet zenker's degeneration

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