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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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uri uric urine colony count urine concentration tests urine screen for drugs of abuse
urine screen test uriniferous urinogenous a d'origine uroacidometer uroazotometer
urobilinicterus uropathy urophein uroplania uropyoureter
urospasm urothelial urothelial carcinoma urothelial tumor uroureter
urticaria haemorrhagica urticaria hemorrhagica uteroplacental uteroplacental perfusion uterosalpingography
uterus bicornis unicollis utricular utriculi utriculosaccular utriculosaccular duct
utriculus utriculus prostaticus uveal uveitis vacuum distillation
vacuum extraction vacuum sinus headache vagabond's disease vagabonds' disease vagal
vagina mucosa intertubercularis vaginae vaginal cuff vaginal delivery vaginal portion of the cervix
vaginalitis valgus vallecula vallecula cerebelli vallecula epiglottica
valuable learning experience value outside the normal range valva valva atrioventricularis dextra valva atrioventricularis sinistra
valve of coronary sinus valve of foramen ovale valve of inferior vena cava valve of navicular fossa valve of sphygmomanometer
valvotomy valvula valvulae valvulae anales valvular incompetence
valvular pneumothorax variola various chemotherapeutic agent various member diseases various patterns of injury
various species of borrelia various steps in phagocytosis varix varus varying coupling
varying stages of maturation vas vas afferens glomeruli vas efferens glomeruli vasa
vasalgia vascular and connective tissue changes vascular disease of the lower extremities artérites vasomotion vasopressin
vasopressin deficiency vasopressor vasovagal vast majority of patients vastus lateralis muscle
vastus mediales muscle vector electrocardiogram vectorballistocardiogram vegetative body of fungus vegetative endocarditis
venography venous arches of kidney venous engorgement in the neck venous foramen venous puncture mark
ventilation scan ventilation-perfusion imbalance ventilation-perfusion inequality ventilation-perfusion ratio ventilation-perfusion scanning
ventilation-perfusion scintiscan ventilatory assistance ventilatory device ventilatory failure ventilatory support
ventral extremity of a rib ventral extremity of rib ventral nuclei of thalamus ventral nucleus of thalamus ventral reticulospinal tract
ventral root of spinal nerve ventral sacral foramina ventral spinocerebellar tract ventral spinothalamic tract ventral tegmental decussation
ventricornu vermicular vermicular appendage vermiform vermis
vermography vernal vernal edema of lung vernier vernix
vertebroarterial foramen vertebrobasilar vertebrobasilar artery insufficiency vertex vertex presentation
vertical gaze palsy vertical mattress suture vertiginous very low density lipoprotein very low-density lipoprotein
very mature for his age very serious concern vesica vesicae vesical
vesicle budding vessel of the extremities vessel of the mucosa vestibular folds vestibule of laryngeal cavity
vestibule of nose vestibule of omental bursa vestibulospinal tract vestibulum vestige of vaginal process

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