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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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tss tsutsugamushi disease tsutsugamushi fever tubal tubal reanastomosis
tube dilution method tubectomy tubeless gastric analysis tuber calcanei tuber omentale of liver
tuber omentale of pancreas tubercle of femur tuberculin conversion tuberculin reactor tuberculin skin test
tuberculin testing tubulus tumor doubling time tumor necrosis factor tumor specific antigen
tumorlike mass tumour interstitial cell tumour of medullary adrenal tungsten carbide disease tunica conjunctiva bulbi
tunica conjunctiva palpebrarum tunica fibrosa bulbi tunica fibrosa hepatis twenty-four-hour urine twin
twin-twin transfusion two-point discrimination two-stage operation two-step exercise test two-way analysis of variance
type vi glycogen storage disease type vii glycogen storage disease type-specific rabbit antiserum typhoid and paratyphoid vaccine typhoid fever patient
typhoid patient typical adult-type tb ulcerating granuloma of the pudenda ulceration ulcerative colitis
ulcerative disease of the colon ulcerative disease of the colon or esophagus ulcero-membranous gingivitis ulceroglandular ulcus
ulcus vulvae acutum ulcus wall ulerythrema ulerythrema acneiforma ulerythrema centrifugum
ulerythrema ophryogenes ullrich-noonan syndrome ullrich-turner syndrome ulnar deviation of fingers ulnar head of pronator teres
ulnar incisure of radius ulnar malleolus ultrasound monitoring ultrasound scanner ultrastructural alteration
ultrastructural studies ultrastructural study ultraviolet lamp ultraviolet microscope ultraviolet radiation
ultraviolet ray ophthalmia ultraviolet treatment umbilical incisure umbilical reflex umbo
umbo membranae tympani unaware of previous rat bite under microscopic examination under treatment adv sous underachievement
underage drinking underarm odour undercorrection undercorrection of eye underdevelopment
undergo a chemical reaction undergo bone marrow transplantation underhorn underlying machinery underprivileged of tropical area
underreporting bias understaffing understanding cell biology understanding cells understanding gene expression
underwood's disease undifferentiated unilateral flank or abdominal tenderness unintentional voiding of urine uninvolved
uniocular suppression uniovular gemellary pregnancy unipolar and standard limb lead unipolar limb leads unit of platelets
united nations fund for drug abuse control univalent universal congenital atrichia universal joint syndrome university appointment
university hospital university teaching staff unopposed estrogen therapy upper airway injuries upper airway injury
upper airway obstruction upper and lower respiratory tract involvement upper central incisor upper cervical radicular syndrome upper esophageal sphincter
upper extremity amputee upper fornix of conjunctiva upper gastrointestinal bleeding upper gastrointestinal endoscopy upper gi bleeding
upper limit of normal upper limits of normal upper or lower pole upper respiratory infection upper respiratory tract
upper respiratory tract infection upper urinary tract infection upright blood pressure uptake deflection of s-t segment uptake movement of diaphragm
uptake of child benefit upward deflection of s-t upward gaze palsy ureaplasma urealyticum uredema
uremia ureter ureteral ureterectomy ureteric
ureteritis uretero-caecocystoplasty uretero-entero-anastomosis ureterocystanastomosis ureterocystoneostomy
urethral urethrocele urethrogram urethrography urethrostomy

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