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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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titrate titrate the dose upward titubation toadstool poisoning tobacco amaurosis
tobacco smoke pollution tobia fever tocopherol tonometer tonometry
tonsil tonsillar tonsillar nerve too high or too low osmotic strength topesthesia
tophus topical total hip prosthesis total hip replacement total leucocyte count
total lung capacity total nodal irradiation total protein content total protein in serum total related impurities content
total renal blood flow total work of breathing total-body potassium totally encapsulated suit totally unanticipated cytotoxicity
tourette's disease toxemia toxemic infantilism toxic epidermal necrolysis toxic household cleaning product
toxic shock syndrome toxin toxic substances control act toxic substances control acts toxic tremor toxoplasma
toxoplasma infection toxoplasmosis toxoplasmosis serology toxoplasmosis titer trabecula
trabeculae trabeculae carnae cordis trabecular trabeculation tracheal
tracheal annular ligament trachelocystitis trachelomyitis tracheobronchial tracheobronchomegaly
trained nursing staff trajectory of the missile trancription factor trans-golgi network transaminase
transanimation transbronchial biopsy transcomplementing cell transcortical motor aphasia transcranial
transcranial doppler ultrasonography transcription terminator transcription-based amplification system transcriptional transcriptional readthrough
transducing transduction pathway transect translational fusion translational read through
translational readthrough translocation carrier transmembrane transmembrane protein pore transmissible neurodegenerative disease
transmission electron microscope transmission electron microscopy transmission of murmurs transmittance transmitter
transmural myocardial infarction transovarially transpeptidase transplantation registry transport mechanism
transport vesicle intermediates transposition flap transpyloric transrectal transrectal prostatic sonography
traumatic traumatic angiopathy of retina traumatic dislocation traumatic edema of the retina traumatic spondylopathy
travel of peristaltic wave travelers' diarrhea treadmill walking treatment for the detoxifixation of addi treatment for the disorder
treatment is of uncertain benefit treatment-related exclusion criteria treatment-related mortalily trefoil skull syndrome tremor in the maintenance of sustained postural attitudes
triangular fossa triangular nucleus of schwalbe triangularis triboulet's reaction triceps brachii muscle
triceps skin fold trichonosis trichophytic granuloma trichophytid trichophytosis
trichophytosis barbae trichorrhexis trichorrhexis nodosa trichosis trichosis carunculae
trichromat trichrome trigonum trihydroxycholestanoic trilaminar
trilaminar appearance trimalleolar fracture trinitrate trisomy triticeous
trochanter trochanteric trochanteric fossa trochlea trochlear incisure of ulna
trochlear ligament of foot trochlear ligaments of band trochlear ligaments of foot trophozoite tropical eosinophilia
tropism true conjugate diameter true diameter of pelvis true neck of humerus truncus brachiocephalicus
truncus bronchiomediastinalis truncus corporis callosi truncus costocervicalis truncus fasciculi atrioventricularis tsetse

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