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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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telangiectasia lymphatica telangiectasia verrucosa telangiectatic angioma telecardiography telelectrocardiogram
telemetering temperature sensitive mutant temperature spot temperature swings temperature under the arm
temperature-and drug-induced depolymerization temporal facial nerve temporal half of visual field temporal process of mandible temporal zygomatic foramen
temporomalar foramen temporomandibular temporomandibular articular disk temporomandibular joint temporomandibular syndrome
temporomaxillary temporomaxillary joint tender tender hepatomegaly tenosynovitis
tenosynovitis stenosans tension headache tensor tentorial tentorial notch
terminal abdominal structures terminal end of amino acid terminal illness terminal stage of illness terminally
termination terminationes nervorum liberae terminator tertian test for overall clotting
test of blood circulation test of movements against resistance test performed routinely tetracemate tetracemate disodium
tetrachloride tetrachlormethane tetracycline tetracycline double labeling tetradecyl
tetrahydrofolic acid tetraiodophenolphthalein tetralogy tetramethylputrescine tetramine
the highlights of the discussions the operation of a hospital department the patient is doing poorly the rate of delivery the term medullary sponge kidney
thebesian foramina thebesian valve theca theca lutein cell theft sampler
thenar thermocauterectomy thermohyperalgesia thermohypoesthesia thermoinactivation
thermoinhibitory thermologist thiazide thick limb of Henle's loop thick limb of loop of henle
thick-split skin graft thickened mucosalfold thicker-walled vessel thickly myelinated fiber thickness at edge of tablet
thin limb of henle's loop thin limb of loop of henle branche thin-layer chromatography thoracic aortic enlargement thoracic cardiac nerve
thoracic ct scan thoracic enlargement thoracic outlet syndrome thoracic-pelvic-phalangeal dystrophy thoracoacromial
thoracoacromial artery thoracodorsal thoracogastroschisis thoracolaparotonny thoracolysis
thoracopagus thoracopagus parasiticus thoracopleuropneumonectomy throckmorton's reflex thrombasthenia
thrombasthenia hereditary thrombi thrombin thromboagglutination thromboangiitis
thromboangiitis obliterans thrombocytopenia thromboembolic thromboembolic disease thrush
thus increasing the amount thylakoid thymic thymicolymphatic state thymidine
thymidylate thymidylate synthetase thymol thymol turbidity and flocculation test thymus
thyroiditis thyrolingual thyroparathyroidectomy thyrosis thyrotoxic exophthalmos
thyrotoxicosis thyrotropin thyrotropin-releasing factor thyrotropin-releasing hormone thyroxin
thyroxine thyroxine-binding globulin thyroxine-binding prealbumin tibial tibial nerve
tillaux's disease tiltometer time of administration with respect to meals time series analysis time-dependent kinetics
time-domain signal averaging time-lapse photography time-resolved fluorescence time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay time-resolved fluorometry
timed capsule timed duodenal intubation timed-release preparation timing of defecation timing of ectopic beats
tine test tinea tissular eosinophilia titer titratable

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