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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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small white surface patch small-cell carcinoma small-for-dates infant small-for-gestional-age infant smallest common denominator
smallpox vaccination smear culture smear of the inflammatory exudate smear stained with methylene blue smear-positive pulmonary tb
smith-strang disease social outcast socialized medicine socially deprived society for the advancement of science
socket joint of tooth sodium amylosulfate sodium carboxymethylcellulose sodium colistimethate sodium dodecyl sulfate
sodium indigotindi-sulfonate sodium lauryl sulfate sodium nitroferricyanide sodium p-aminohippurate clearance sodium potassium adenosine triphosphatase
soles soles and palms soleus solid phase hemadsorption assay solid-state component
solid-state scintillation solitary cyst of kidney soluble sulfonamide solum solute
solution for calibration solution of too high or too low osmotic strength solvent abuse solvent sniffing soma
somnopathist somopsychosis sonar flowmeter songo fever sonographic
sonographically guided amniocentesis sonography sophisticated techniques spasmodic croup spasmodyspnea
spasmolytic spaspodism special needs children specialized institution specially board certification
specially training specialty board certification specialty training specialty unto itself specific absorptive index
specific ag responsiveness specific anticapsule antibodies specific anticapsule antibody sperm fertilizing capacity sperm motility
spermatemphraxis spermatic spermatocyte spermatozoon sphenoidal
sphenoidal fissure-optic canal syndrome sphenoidale basilare anterius sphenoidotomy sphenomaxillary fissure sphenomaxillary fossa
sphenooccipital fissure sphenopalatine sphenopalatine incisure of palatine bone sphenopalatine notch of palatine bone sphenopharyngeal canal
spherical aberration spherical recess of vestibule spherocytosis sphincter oculi spiegelian hernia
spielmeyer-vogt disease spigelian spike and wave complexe spiking fever spillage of product
spilus spin-lattice relaxation time spin-spin relaxation time spina bifida cystica spina intercondyloidea
spina nasalis anterior maxillae spina nasalis ossis frontalis spina nasalis posterior ossis palatini spina ossis sphenoidalis spinicerebrate
spino reticular tract spinobulbar spinocerebellar spinocerebellar degeneration spinocortical
spinoff of technology spinoreticular spinoreticular tract spinothalamic pathway spinothalamic tract
spiral canal of modiolus spiral valve of cystic duct splenadenoma splenic splenic anemia of infants
splenic flexure of colon splenic gland splenic mycosis splenicterus splenius capitis muscle
splenius colli muscle spleno-and hepatomegaly split hand deformity split pelvis split-brain syndrome
split-thickness skin graft splitting of heart sound splitting of the first sound splitting of the second sound spoke-shave
spoken-word center spondylitis spondylitis cervicalis spondylitis infectiosa spondylo-arthrosis
spondylomalacia spondylomalacia traumatica spondylopathy spondylopyosis spondylosis
sporotrichoid sporotrichoid cutaneous infection spot that blanch on pressure spot that fade on pressure spotted bones
spotted or typhus fever spotted sore throat spray dryer atomizer spraying infested areas spraying reagent
spread between these values spread of excitation squamous epithelium square of the distance squares on a counting chamber

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