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repressor reproducibility of results reproducible sequences of genes reproductive changes reproductive function
reproductive hazard evaluation research fellow research student resection resection of body and tail of pancreas
resectional surgery respiratory musculature failure respiratory stimulant respiratory tract respiratory tract fluid
respiratory tract infection respiratory-tract involvement responsiveness to a stimulus ressort spring conjunctivitis rest myocardial perfusion imaging
restibrachium restiform process of henle resting cartilage resting electrocardiogram resting length of fiber
restituo integrum adv restituo ad restless legs restless legs syndrome restoration of electrolyte balance restoration of normal intestinal flora
restricted abduction restriction mapping restriction of joint motion reticuloendothelial reticuloendothelioma
reticuloendotheliosis reticuloendothelium reticulohistiocytosis reticulosarcoma reticulosis
reticulospinal tract reticulothelioma reticulum retinaculum morgagni retinaculum musculorum peroneorum inferius
retinaculum of ileocecal valve retinal detachment retinal periphlebitis of eales retinitis albuminurica retinitis disciformans
retinitis hemorrhagica retinitis nephritica retinitis pigmentosa, retinitis proliferans retinitis punctata albescens
retinochoroid disease retinochoroiditis retrodisplacement retrodisplacement of uterus retrogasserian
retrogasserian neurotomy retrogasserian rhizotomy retrograde conduction of impulse retrograde degeneration retrograde ejaculation
retromammary retroperitoneal retroperitoneal para-aortic node retropharyngeal retropharyngeal fascial cleft
retropharyngeal lymph node retropharyngeal space reversible ischemic neurological deficit reversion to normal rhythm reversive infantilism
rhamnus rhinitis rhinolalia rhinopathia rhinopharyngitis
rhinopharyngitis mutilans rhumatoid arthritis rhythm method rhythmicity rhythmicity of visceral muscle
riboflavine-phosphate ribonucleic ribose ribosomal rickettsia
right gastric lymph node right gastroepiploic gland right heart failure right hemicolectomy right inguinal hernia
right lateral ventricle right lower cardiac contour right lower quadrant right lymphatic duct right mentoanterior
right mentoposterior right oblique diameter right occipitoanterior right occipitoposterior right occipitotranverse
right pleuritic chest pain right sacroanterior right sacrolateral right sacroposterior right sacrotransverse
right thoracic duct right three-dimensional conformation right upper quadrant right ventricular ischemia right-handed helical
right-handed helical structure a en hélice à pas right-left confusion right-sided aortic arch right-sided bacterial endocarditis right-sided heart failure
right-sided heart valve right-sided heart-failure right-sided pleural effusion rise of antibodies risk-benefit analysis
risk-benefit assessment risus ritter's disease rivinian notch rochalimaea
rocket electrophoresis romberg's disease roof of mouth roof of third ventricle room for nursing mothers
root canal therapy root of arch of vertebra rooting reflex rosacea rosenbach's disease
rosenmülle's node rosenmüller's fossa rough-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum rouleaux formation roussy-leyy's disease
route of administration routine monthly testing roux-en-y anastomosis royal army medical corps rritable bowel syndrom
rubella serology rubella vaccination rubrospinal cerebellar peduncle syndrome rubrum rudiment of vaginal process

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