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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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phosphatide lipoidosis phosphatide thesaurismosis photocontact allergy photogenic seizure photographic enlargement
photometer photosensitive porphyria phrenic phrenic lymph node phrygian cap appearance
pian pigeon breeder's disease pigeon fancier's lung pigeon fanciers disease pigment retinopathy
pigment-containing cell pigmentary pigmentary degeneration pigmented layer of retina pirie's syndrome
piriform pirogoff's angle pirquet's reaction pit pitiryasis versicolor
pitting pituitary acromicria pituitary epidermoid tumor pityriasis placebo
placebo controlled trial plantar fibromatosis plantaris planted antigen plaque hybridization
plaque reduction test plaque-forming cell plaque-forming cell assay plasma adenosine deaminase plasma cell balanitis
plasma cell dyscrasia plasma cell hepatitis plasma cholesterol plasma cholinesterase plasma converting factor
plasma iron turnover rate plasma lipid fraction plasma lipoprotein plasma membrane focal defects and breaks plasma protein fraction
plasma recalcification time plasma renin activity plasma thromboplastin platelet phase of hemostasis platelet release reaction
platelet satellism platelet stickiness platelet-activating factor platelet-inhibiting agent pleckstrin
pleckstrin homology plectonemic plectonemic winding pleiochromic jaundice pleiotropic
pleomorphic plethoric dysmenorrhea plummer's disease plurideficiency plus and minus ends
pneumatic cuff apparatus pneumatic hammer disease pneumatocele pneumococcal pneumococcal infection
pneumothorax pneumoventriculography podocyte poikiloderma poikiloderma atrophicans vasculare
poikilotherm point-source epidemic poison control center poker spine polar peptide bond
polychromic jaundice polycystic ovary syndrome polycythaemia polycythemia polydactyly
polyendocrine syndrome polygene polykeratosis congenita polypoid polypoid degeneration
polypous endocarditis polypropylene seal polyradiculoneuritides polyradiculoneuropathy polysaccharide
polysaccharide o antigen polyserositis polytene polytene chromosome polyunsaturated fatty acid
poor prognostic sign poor sanitation poor surgical risk poor turgor of the mucosa poorly absorbed solute
poorly controlled diabetic popliteal popliteal artery entrapment popliteal incisure popliteal notch
popliteal triangle of femur population census population expansion population sample population statistics
poradenitis poradenitis nostras poradenitis venerea poradenolymphitis poradenolyrnphitis lymphogranulome vénérien
porcine porcine thyrocalcitonin pore porges-hermann-perutz reaction portal radicle
portal systemic encephalopathy portal triaditis portio portio intermedia nervi acustici portio major nervi trigemini
portio minor nervi trigemini portio supravaginalis cervicis portion vaginalis cervisic posada-wernicke's disease posadas' mycosis
position emission transaxial tomography position of attention positional anomalie of the heart positional limb abnormalities positional limb abnormalitt
positional nystagmus positive accommodation positive accomodation positive anterior drawer sign positive diagnosis
positive end expiratory pressure positive reinforcement posterior fold of tympanic membrane posterior fontanelle posterior fornix

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