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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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patient on chronic hemodialysis patient specimen patient specimens patient undergoing chronic hemodialysis patient with bullous pemphigoid
patient with cad patient with clinical tb patient with endocarditis patient with heart disease patient with pneumococcal pneumonia
patient with pneumonia patient with pulmonary embolism patient with septic shock patient's compliance patient's downhill course
patient's statements patient-focused care patients admitted to the study patients with heart disease patients with septic shock
pattern for other meetings pattern of group leadership pattern of immune deposition pattern recognition patterson's syndrome
patterson-kelly syndrome paul-bunnell test pavlovian pavlovian conditioned response payy's disease
peduncle peduncular pedunculated peer pressure pelade
peliosis of the liver pelizaeus-merzbacher disease pellagra pellegrini-stieda disease pellet implantation
pelleted stock diet pellucida pelvi-prostatic capsular ligament pelvic floor structure pelvic splanchnic nerve
pentaerythritol pentaerythritol tetranitrate pentosan pentosan polysulfate pentose
pentose phosphate pathway pentose shunt pentothal percent saturation perception of pain
percutaneous perfect four-antigen match perforans perforated abdominal viscera perforating cutaneous nerve
perforating elastosis perforating ulcer of the foot perforation of ventricular septum performance of a movement perfringens
perfusion lung scan perfusion lung scanning perianal periaqueductal gray perifolliculitis
perihepatitis perihepatitis chronica hyperplastica perilabyrinthitis périlabyrinthite period of isometric contraction period of rapid filling
period of slow filling of ventricle periodic acid-schiff periodic acid-schiff stain periodic limb movement disorder periodontal
periods perioophorosalpingitis perioothecosalpingitis periorbital periorbital ecchymosis
periosteal periproctitis periprostatic peripylephlebitis péripyléphlébite perispermatitis
peristalsis peristaltic perisystolic permanent cardiac pacing permanent disability
permanent disability pension benefits permanganate permeation anesthesia pernicious malaria pernicious syndrome of p falciparum malaria
pernio peroneal peroneal incisure of tibia peroneal spine of os calcis peroral
peroral small-intestinal biopsy peroxidase peroxidase activity perprotocol analysis perseveration
persistence of fetal hemoglobin persistent insecticide persistent truncus arteriosus petrooccipital petrooccipital fissure
petrosphenoidal fissure petrotympanic petrotympanic fissure petrous pfeiffer's disease
pfeiffer's glandular fever pgo spike ph pH phacoma
phage pharmacoroentgenography pharyngeal membrane pharyngeal stage of deglutition pharyngeal tunic
pharyngobasilar pharyngobasilar membrane pharyngorhinoscopy pharyngostenosis pharynx
phase 1 antibodies phase 1 antibody phase microscope phase transfer catalysis phase-contrast microscope
phase-contrast microscopy phasic slow-wave sleep phasic stretch reflex phlebosation phlebosclerosation
phlebotomus phlegmasia phlegmasia alba dolens phlegmonous phlorhizin diabetes
phlyctenular phobic phoca's disease phosphatase phosphate diabetes

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