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osteoma osteotomy ostia ostium ostium primum defect
ostium secundum defect other disorders to be considered other pollutants combined otherwise innocuous dose otiatrics
otic otic neuralgia otic preparation otitis outer granular layer
outer hamstring tendon outer medullary flow outer plexiform layer outer protecting edge of astragalus outer root sheath
outer shell of an atom outer stellate cell outflow tract of right ventricle outlook outpatient care
outpatient clinic outreach program oval foramen of hip bone oval fossa of leg oval fossa of thigh
ovale ovale malaria ovalis overflow incontinence overlapping sequence
overlapping transcription units overlying inflammation overnight incubation overt morphologic lesion overt portal of entry
overwhelming autoinfection overwhelming impression overwhelming infection overwhelming necrotizing pneumonia ovoid
ovulation-inducing agent oxygen capacity oxygen capacity of hemoglobin oxygen pressure indicator oxygenator
oxyhemoglobin oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve oxyntic oxyphil oxyphil adenoma
pachydermoperiostosis pachymeningitis pachyonychia pachyonychia congenita pachyonychia ichthyosiforme
pachysalpingo-oothecitis pachytene pachyvaginitis packaging component packed red blood cells
paget's disease of bone pagetoid pagetoid reticulosis palatoglossal palatoglossal arch
palatoglossus palatomaxillary canal palatomaxillary groove of palatine bone palatopharyngeal palatopharyngeal arch
palatopharyngeus palatosalpingeus palindromic palindromic rheumatism palindromic sequence
palpebral process paltauf's dwarfism paltauf-sternberg disease pampiniform panacinar
panacinar dilatation emphysema pancreatic duct pancreatic sialorrhoea pancreatico-enterostomy pancreaticogastrostomy
pancreaticojejunostomy pancreaticosplenic pancreaticosplenic lymph node papilla papillae
papillary papillary foramina of kidney papillary muscle dysfunction papilloma papillomatous
papillosphincterotomy papovavirus papule papulosis para-aminohippuric acid test
para-aminosalicylic acid para-prosthetic fistula paraglenoid grooves of hip bone parahippocampal gyrus parainfluenza
parallel fissure parallel striae of teeth paramagnetic paramedian paramedian laparotomy
paramesonephric parasitic hemoptysis parasol insertion parasternal parasternal lymph node
parasympathetic parasympathetic nervous system paraterminal body parathyroid parathyroid insufficiency
parathyroid tetany parkinsonian parkinsonian tremor parolfactory area of broca parotid
parotid nerve parotitis paroxysmal paroxysmal albuminuria paroxysmal atrioventricular block
paroxysmal nodal tachycardia paroxysmal trepidant abasia parrot's disease passive transfer test past medical history
pasteur-chamberland filter patchy consolidation patella patellar patellar incisure of femur
patency patent airway patent ductus arteriosus patent foramen ovale patent medicine
paternity studies paternity suit path analysis pathogen patient lost to follow-up

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