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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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lipomatous lipophagia lipophagia granulomatosis liposome lipoteichoic
listeria monocytogenes listerial listerial abortion listerial dermatitis lithiasis
lithiasis conjunctivae lithotomy little strokes lobster claw deformity lobule
local alterations in dna structure local anesthesia by freezing local ectodermal defect local growth differentials local heat application
local tissue necrosis local wound treatment localized mutagenesis lochia loci
lolism long chain long head of biceps long head of triceps brachii long incubation period hepatitis
long terminal repeat long thoracic nerve long-axis parasternal view long-chain fatty acid long-chain fatty acid anchor
long-chain triglyceride long-chain unsaturated fatty acid long-dormant tb long-period interspersion long-range prognosis
long-term retention longitudinal arch of foot longitudinal band of colon longitudinal bands of colon longitudinal duct of epoophoron
longitudinal fissure longitudinal muscle layer longitudinal striae low basal metabolism low basal metabolisme
low birth weight low birth weight infant low cesarean section low co2 concentration low density lipoprotein
low gluten diet low hairline low linear energy transfer radiation low molecular weight low molecular weight dextran
low normal low pulse rate fluoroscopy low renin form of hypertension low right atrium low salt syndrome
low saturated fat diet low spinal fluid pressure syndrome low voltage activity low-cholesterol diet low-density lipoprotein
low-dose hook low-friction arthroplasty of hip low-friction arthroplasty of the hip low-level immunization low-molecular-weight
low-molecular-weight organic molecule low-output heart-failure low-output syndrome low-resistance shock lubricating eye drop
lucas-champonnière disease lues luetin luetin reaction lumbar lymph node
lumbar splanchnic nerve lumboinguinal nerve lumbosacral lumen luminal
luminal narrowing luteinizing luteinizing hormone releasing factor luteinizing-hormone and follicle-stimulating lutembacher's disease
lutz-lewandowsky disease lutz-miescher disease lutz-splendore-almeida disease luxatio luxuriant exostosis
luxurious caro luzet's anemia lycopenemia lycopodium granuloma lyell's disease
lymph node aspirate lymph node differential cell count lymph node dissection lymphangitis carcinomalosa lymphatic intestinal trunk
lymphatic leukaemia lymphatic reaction lymphatic valve lymphedema lymphedema tarda
lymphoblastic lymphoblastic leukaemia lymphoblastosis lymphocyte blast transformation test lymphocyte cytotoxic antibodies
lymphocyte cytotoxic antibody lymphocyte depletion lymphocyte function lymphocyte reaction lymphocyte toxicity test
lymphocyte-activated killer cell lymphocyte-activating factor lymphocyte-depleted hodgkins disease lymphocyte-predominant lymphocyte-transforming factor
lymphocytic lymphocytic leukaemia lymphopathia lymphopathia venereum lymphoplasmacytic
lymphoreticular neoplastic disease lymphotropic lysate maclean-maxwell disease macroblast
macroconidium macrocônidium macrocrania macrocranium macrocythaemia
macrocytic macrogenitosomia praecox macular macular degeneration maculo-anesthetic leprosy
mad cow disease madelung's disease madelung's neck magenta magnesium ammonium phosphate calculus

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