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late ventricular potential latent deviation later convalescent specimen lateral ampullar nerve lateral angle of scapula
lateral angle of the eye lateral aperture of fourth ventricle lateral arcuate ligament lateral atlantoaxial joint lateral border of scapula
lateral bulbar syndrome lateral chest lateral corticospinal tract lateral crus of superficial inguinal ring lateral cuneiform bone
lateral cutaneous nerve of calf lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve of foot lateral epicondyle of femur lateral excursion lateral facet of sternum
lateral fissure of cerebrum latissimus latter presentation lattice degeneration of the cornea lattice dystrophy
lattice dystrophy of the cornea laughing sickness laurell's rocket electrophoresis law of definite proportions law of independent assortment
law of independent combinations law of inverse square law of thermodynamics lawrence's syndrome laxator lympani major
laxator tympani minor layer of reticular dermis lcm virus ldl receptor left atrial enlargement
left atrioventricular valve left bundle branch block left colic lymph node left electrical axis deviation left enlarged supraclavicular node
left flexure of colon left gastric lymph node left lower quadrant left main coronary disease left main disease
left mentoanterior left mentoposterior left mentotransverse left occipitoanterior left occipitoposterior
left sacroanterior left sacrolateral left sacroposterior left sacrotransverse left upper quadrant
left ventricular compliance left ventricular contractile capability left ventricular ejection time left ventricular failure left ventricular outflow obstruction
left ventricular outflow tract left-sided appendicitis left-sided heart failure left-sided heart-failure left-to-right ductus flow
legal and regulatory provisions legal definition of death lenticular degeneration lenticular process of incus lenticular sclerosis
lenticulostriate lenticulostriate tremor lentiform lentigo lentigo-maligna melanoma
lepra lepra type-2 reaction lesser iliac incisure lesser ischiadic incisure lesser palatine artery
lesser palatine nerves lesser peritoneal sac lesser petrosal nerve lesser ring of iris lesser sacrosciatic notch
lesser sciatic notch lesser semilunar incisure of ulna lesser splanchnic nerve lesser trochanteric spine lesser tubercle of humerus
lesser tuberosity of humerus letter to the editor letterer-siwe disease leucine leucine aminopeptidase
leucocyte leukocytosis leukoderma leukodystrophy leukoerythroblastosis
leukokeratosis leukopathia leukopenia leukoplakia leukoplakia of tongue
lhermitte-cornil-quesnel syndrome libman-sacks disease library of cloned fragments licensed to practice medicine licensed to practise medicine
lichen chronicus simplex lichen myxoedematous lichen simplex chronicus lichenoid lichenoid trichophytid
lichtheim's disease liddell and sherrington reflex life of tables life of tablets life support
ligament of vaginal sheaths ligamenta lightning cataract likelihood-ratio test likely to be infected
limb-girdle dystrophy limb-girdle dystrophy of erb limbus limbus alveolaris mandibulae limbus angulosus
liminal limitation of joint motion limited surrounding injury limits method limpet
linitis linked glucose molecule linker lint liouville's icterus
lipase lipemia lipemia tolerance test lipid head group lipoidal
lipoidal degeneration lipoidosis lipoidosis cutis lipolytic lipolytic hormones

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