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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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intravenous solution stand intravenous tension intravenous thrombolytic therapy intravenously intraventricular
intravertebral intrinsic deflection intrinsic pathway of coagulation intrinsic red blood cell defect intrinsic red cell defect
intrinsic thromboplastin system intrinsicoid intrinsicoid deflection introduced malaria intubation
involution involutional involutional psychotic reaction iodide iodine-containing contrast media
iodine-induced thyrotoxicosis iododerma iodoventrieulography ion exchange chromatography ion exchange resin
ionic and fluid balance ionization of matter iritis iron-binding capacity irrigoradioscopy
island of skin islet cell islet cell carcinoma isoandrosterone isoelectricfocusing
isonicotinic isophane isosorbide isosorbide dinitrate isothiocyanate
isotopic isotopic dacryocystography jackknife seizure jackson's epilepsy jacksonian
jaffe-lichtenstein disease jakob-creutzfeld disease jaksch's anemia jaksch's disease jansky-bielschowsky disease
japanese b encephalitis jarisch-herxheimer reaction jeanselme's nodule jejunogastric intussusception jensen's disease
jugular fossa of temporal bone jugular incisure of temporal bone jugular notch of occipital bone jugular notch of sternum jugular notch of temporal bone
jugum jumping disease junction membrane junctional jungle yellow fever
jüngling's disease junius-kuhnt's disease junk dna just noticeable différence juvenile diabetes
juvenile diabetes retinopathy juvenile gangrene juvenile growth spurt juvenile retinoschisis juxta-articular nodule
karyoplasmic karyoplasmic ratio karyotypic kashin-beck disease ked itch
kératose serpigineuse de lutz keratosis keratosis follicularis keratosis follicularis contagiosa ketoglutarate
ketosis kew gardens spotted fever key hole limpet hemocyanine keyed to the rise and fall in the levels kickback of the patella
kidney function test kidney medulla kienb÷ck's atrophy kinetics kinetochore
kinetochore microtubule kinin kinking kinking of blood vessel kirchner's diverticulum
kissing spines kleeblattschaedel klinefelter-like syndrome klippel-feil disease knee from psoas muscle involvement
knitting known hb carrier known to occur in both labeling requirements labia
labial surface of tooth labioplacement laboratory diagnosis lactase lactate dehydrogenase
lactate deshydrogenase lactation-amenorrhoea syndrome lactic lactic dehydrogenase lactiferous
lactogenic lactose tolerance test laminar laminar air flow protection laminar blood flow
laminaria lampbrush chromosome lancereaux's diabetes lancereaux-mathieu disease landing-norman disease
landouzy-déjerine atrophy lane's disease langerhansian adenoma langerhansian hormones lannois-gradenigo syndrome
lanugo laparatomy laparocholecystotomy large wave injugular pulse large-cell anaplastic carcinoma
larmes epileptic fit larrey-weil disease larsen's disease larval skin penetration laryngeal lymphatic follicle
laryngeal saccule laryngismus laryngitis stridulosa late feature of a disease late oligohydramnios
late phase ii trial late postprandial postgastrectomy syndrome late secretory pathway late systolic murmur late trimester oligohydramnios

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