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inner and outer cortex inspiratory inspiratory reserve air inspiratory reserve volume inspissated bile syndrome
inspissation instantaneous blood flow institutional review board institutionalization instrumental conditioning
instrumental labor insufflation anesthesia insula insulator insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
insulin lipodystrophy insulin response to glucose insulin tolerance test insulin tolÚrance test insulin-dependent diabetes
insulin-like growth factor insulin-responsive tissue intercalated intercalated cell of renal collecting tubule intercalcar ossicles
intercarotid intercellular cement intercellular connection interchondral articulation of rib interchondral articulations of ribs
interclass correlation interclass variance interclavicular incisure interclavicular notch of occipital bone interclavicular notch of temporal bone
intercolumnar intercolumnar fiber intercondylar intercondylar eminence of tibia intercondylar fossa
intercondylar notch of femur intercondyloid intercondyloid spine interconnected neuronal cytoskeleton intercoronary collateral
intercostal lymph node intercricothyrotomy intercristal intercritical period intercrural fibers
intercurrent interdigitating intermediate-filament-binding domain intermedius intermedius nerve
intermittent explosive disorder intermittent light flash intermittent porphyria trait intermittent positive-pressure mask intermuscular
internal abdominal ring internal acoustic meatus internal annular ligament internal annular ligament of malleolus internal auditory artery
internal auditory foramen internal auditory meatus internal capsular ligament internal combustion engine internal conjugate diameter
internal cuneiform bone internal epicondyle of femur internal epicondyle of humerus internal iliac lymph node internal inguinal ring
internal mammary node internal maxillary artery internal maxillary foramen internal oblique muscle internal occipital nerve
internal occipital spine internal osseous acoustic pore internal process of humerus internal pterygoid nerve internal respiration
internal rotation of fetus internal rotation of joint internal sacral foramina interruption of conducting paths of spinal cord intersect
intersectio intersectio tendinea intersigmoid hernia intersigmoidal recess interspersion
interspinal membrane interstitial cell carcinoma interstitial cell carcinoma of testis interstitial cell-stimulating hormone interstitial disorder
interstitial infiltrate interstitial injuries interstitial injury interstitial lamellae intertragic
intertragic incisure intertragic notch intertrigo intertrochanteric intertrochanteric fracture of neck of fémur
intertubercular intertubercular groove of humerus interureteric ridge intervaginal intervention d'urgence
intraaortic intraaortic balloon counterpulsion intrabody disk herniation intracapsular intracardiac
intracardiac electrocardiogram intracellular intracellular atp store intracellular killing intracondylar process of tibia
intracoronary intracoronary bridge collateral intracoronary thrombolytic therapy intracranial intracranial space-occupying lesion
intracranial surface of body of sphenoid bone intractable heart failure intractable heart-failure intractable shock intractable vomiting
intracutaneous intracutaneous injection intracutaneous reaction intracutaneous tuberculin test intracuti reaction
intradermal intrathecal intratubular intrauterine intrauterine contraceptive device
intrauterine fetal death intrauterine retention of dead fetus intravascular intravascular line intravenous calcium test
intravenous drip intravenous drug addict intravenous drug user intravenous galactose tolerance test intravenous pyelogram

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