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impaired skeletal growth impaired straight-leg raising impairment of aerobic respiration impending myocardial infarction imperative
imperforate hymen impetiginized dermatitis impetigo herpetiformis impetigo simplex impetigo syphilitica
impingement of image on retina implantable access port with silicone diaphragm implantable pacemaker implantation of electrodes in patients with aids
in situ anastomosis in situ immune complex deposition in support of a contention adv à l'appui d'une in susceptible patients in suspected pulmonary embolus
in the anxious patient in the cardiac patient in the early postburn period in those taking drugs in-process quality
in-process quality control in-the-ear hearing aid inability to differentiate right from left inability to have an erection inactivated virus vaccine
inactivator inactive rheumatic valvulitis inadequate luteal inadequate personality inadequate sanitation
including slide and microscopic agglutination studies inclusion blennorrhoea inclusion body encephalitis inclusion cell disease inclusion conjunctivitis
incoercible vomiting incompatible blood group incomplete bundle-branch block incomplete right bundle-branch block incongruous hemianopia
inconspicuous nucleoli inconspicuous nucleolus incontinentia incontinentia urinae increase in gene copy number
increase in melanoma incidence increase in urine output increased capsular synthesis increased intestinal secretion increasing antigen titers
incudomalleolar articulation incudostapedial articulation incudostapedial joint incus indecent exposure
indentation tonometer indentation tonometry india ink preparation induce gradual resolution induced abortion
induced by acute radiation injury induced by antipsychotic drugs induced by postural change induced by vegetable oils induced cell injury
induced epileptic discharge induced radioactivity inducer inducing specific protective immunity induction of an array of autoantibodies
induction of labor induction of ovulation indurated induratio penis plastica induration
industrial dermatitis indwelling ineligibility criteria inferior carotid triangle inferior clunial nerve
inferior cubitoradial articulation inferior dental nerve inferior duodenal recess inferior flexure of duodenum inferior gluteal nerve
inferior hemorrhoidal nerve inferior ileocecal fossa inferior ileocecal recess inferior jugular ganglion inferior left foramen
inferior margin of lung inferior margin of transverse colon inferior maxillary bone inferior medullary velum inferior mesenteric lymph node
inferior opening of hunter's canal inferior inferior opening of pelvis inferior opening of sacral canal inferior pubic ramus inferior racheobronchial lymph node
inferior splanchnic nerve inferior thyroid notch inferior ulnar collateral artery inferior vertebral notch inferior zygomatic foramen
infestation infestations with worms infiltrate infinite number of unique clones inflammation of appendages
inflammation of article inflammation of throat inflammatory alteration inflammatory atrophy inflammatory bowel disease
infraglottic infraglottic compartment of larynx inframalleolar process of calcaneus infraorbital infraorbital groove
infrapatellar infrapatellar fat pad infrapatellar fatty body infrared radiation infrasonic
infraspinatus infrasternal infrasternal angle of thorax infratemporal infratemporal fossa
infraumbilical reflex infundibular body infundibular cusp of mitral valve infundibular process of pituitary gland infundibular recess
infundibuliform infundibuliform recess infundibulopelvic ligament infundibulum of fallopian tube infundibulum of hypothalamus
inhibitor initial iv rehydration initial ventricular deflection initiation of transcription injected intravenously
injured schwann cell injuries by antibodies injuries by antibody injury by antibodies inlay

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