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Reverso offers you the best tool for learning French, the English French dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of English entries and their French translation, added in the dictionary by our users. For the ones performing professional translations from English to French, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful.

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granular endoplasmic reticulum granular foveolae of the skull granular layer of cerebellum granular motility cell granular pneumonocyte
granulator granule cell of cerebellum granulocyte granulocytic sarcoma grating monochromator
gravida gravimetric analysis gravis gravitational eczema gray degeneration
gray horn of spinal cord anterior gray horn of spinal cord lateral gray horn of spinal cord posterior gray scale echography gray syndrome
great horizontal fissure great lacuna of urethra greater curvature of stomach grinding pain grip
griping abdominal pain groove for eustachian tube groove for middle temporal artery groove for tibialis posticus muscle groove of lacrimal bone
gross finding gross slipping of epiphysis ground bundle of spinal cord ground substance of connective tissue ground-glass hepatocyte
ground-glass pulmonary opacity grounded electrode group a b-hemolytic streptococci group a streptococci group b streptococci
group c streptococci group d streptococci guaicolate guanidine guanidine hydrochloride
guanosine guanosine diphosphate guiac guiding catheter of balloon-dilation catheter guinon's disease
gull and suttons disease gull's disease gummatous gunshot entry wound günther's disease
gyrase gyrate scalp gyri gyromagnetic gyrus rectus
h. influenzae infection h. influenzae respiratory infection haab's degeneration habenula habenular
habenular commissure habit spasm haemendothelioma haemochromatosis haemopneumopericardium
haemorrhagic hagner's disease hailey and hailey disease hair matrix carcinoma hair transplant
hair-on-end appearance of skull haircast hairy cell leukaemia hairy cell leukemia hairy epidermal nevus
half chromatid mutation half sibling half-life of product ham test hamartoma
hamate process of ethmoid bone hametocrit reading hamman's disease hammock-shaped s-t segment hamstring
hamstring muscle hamstring muscles hamulus hamulus of ethmoid bone hamulus of hamate bone
hamulus ossis hamati hand with spade-like fingers hand's disease hand-shoulder syndrome handicapped
handling food handpiece handwashing hanging drop culture hanging groins
harlequin colour change harley's disease harrison's groove harsh respiration harsh systolic murmur
harvesting of parasites hashimoto's disease hate-love relationship haustra hazard of involuntary smoking
hazard to biomedical laboratory personnel HB immunization HB vaccination HB-vaccination health coverage
health regulatory authorities healthcare healthcare company healthcare products healthcare professional
heart and nervous system heart disease heart failure heart failure spleen heart transplantation
heart-brain liquid culture medium heart-headed tapeworm heart-lung machine heart-rate limited exercise tolerance test hebiatrics
hebra's pityriasis hedonic heel-to-knee test heine-medin disease heister's diverticulum
hemadostenosis hemadsorption hemagglutination hemagglutination test hemagglutination-inhibition test
hemagglutinin hemagglutinin activity hemangioblastomatosis hemangioendothelioma hemangioma
hemartoma hematencephalon hematologic hematology hematophagous

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