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double-vessel coronary involvement doughy abdomen douglas' abscess dowager's hunip dowling-degos disease
drug accountability prodedures of trial drug active in the central nervous system drug combination drug counseling drug craving
drug delivery system drug fever drug for external use drug hypersensitivity drug injury
drug interaction drug intolerance drug labeling drug lots accountability record drug promoting gastrointestinal motility
dual isotope technique dual photon densitometry dual photon-absorptiometry dual-channel flame-ionization dubin-johnson syndrome
dubin-sprinz disease dubini's disease duchenne muscular dystrophy duchenne type dystrophy duchenne's disease
duchenne-aran disease duck embryo vaccine duct of santorini duct of seminal vesicle ductal
duhring's disease duke bleeding time duplay's disease dupuytren's contracture dura mater of spinal cord
dural durand-nicolas-favre disease during early pregnancy during the first 3 wk duroziez's murmur
dust dusting infested persons duval's nucleus dwarfism dye
dye dilution test dye test for toxoplasmosis dyes used in foods dyggve-melchior-clausen dysplasia dying-back neuropathy
dynamic coronary narrowing dynamic jaw relations dysenteriform dysentery patient dysfunction of circulatory reflexes
dysfunctional uterine bleeding dysgammaglobulinaemia dysgenesis dysgerminoma dyshidrosis
dyskeratosis dyskeratosis congenita dyskeratosis follicularis dyskinesia dyspinealism
dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica dysplasia epiphysealis multiplex dysplasia epiphysealis punctata dyspnea dysregulation
dysregulation of cell growth dysrhythmia dyssynergia dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica dystocia
early diastolic murmur early discontinuation early discontinuation of trial early morning asthma early neonatal mortality
early or late neurologic disease early postprandial postgastrectomy syndrome early prenatal diagnosis early systolic murmur early thrombocytopenia
early vertebrate development earthy degeneration earwax easily performed test echocardiography
echogenicity echography eck's fistula in reverse ecm-coated ectasia
ectopic ureteral orifice ectropion eddy sounds edema of cirrhosis edematous
edenhybbinette's operation edetate ehlers-danlos syndrome ehrlichia ehrlichiosis
ehs murine sarcoma eichhorst's disease eichhorst's neuritis eight o'clock position eighth nerve deafness
either by functions or by surface markers ejaculator ejaculatory ejection murmur elastic recoil of lung
elastoid degeneration elastosis elastosis perforans serpiginosa elderly electroencephalogram
electroencephalograph electroencephalographer electroencephalographic abnormality electroencephalographic record electroencephalography
electrogram electrography electroimmunodiffusion electrolyte balance electrolyte replacement
electrolyte therapy electromagnetic blood flow determination electromagnetic bloodflow determination electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic wave
electromicroscopic study electromicroscopy elephantiasis elephantiasis filariensis elephantiasis scroti
elevated blood glucose levels elevated pulmonary venous pressure elevated scapula elevated sedimentation rate elevated skin lesion
elevation of depressed skull fracture elevation of right hemidiaphragm elevation of the legs elevator nystagmus eligibility criteria

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