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different patterns of tissue damage differential blood count differential broncho-spirometry differential leukocyte count differential thermal analysis
differentiating characteristic differentiation-inducing factor difficult to diagnose difficult to interpret difficulty in falling asleep
diffraction diffuse arterial ectasia diffuse interstitial fibrosis diffuse interstitial fibrosis of lung diffuse interstitial pulmonary fibrosis
diffuse intravascular coagulation diffuse scleroderma diffusing capacity of lungs digitus hippocraticus dihydrate
dihydrocoenzyme i dihydrogen phosphate dihydroxyphenylalanine dihydroxyphénylalanine diiodotyrosine
dilatation of the pupil dilator dilute ethanol solution dip phenomenom of excitability dip phenomenon of excitability
dipetalonemiasis diphasic diphosphate diphosphatidylglycerol diphosphoglycerate
diphosphoglycerate mutase diphosphopyridine nucleotidase diphosphopyridine nucleotide diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine diphtheria-tetanus toxoids vaccine
diphtheritic diplacusis dipylidiasis direct and concentration methods direct cerebellar column
direct fluorescent antibody direct light reaction of pupil direct muscular irritability direct pacemaker direct pyramidal fasciculus
direct pyramidal tract direct repeat direct surgical attack on an aneurysm direct-reacting bilirubin direct-writing recorder
dirty neck syndrome disability benefit disaccharide disaccharide intolerance disciform degeneration of the macula
disciform macular degeneration disintegration time disk diffusion antimicrobial susceptibility test dislocatability dislocation of lens
dislocation of patella dislocation of shoulder dislodgment of blood clot dismutase disorder of attentiveness
disorder of cardiac rhythm disorder of consciousness disorder of equilibrium disorder of impulse control disorder of menstruation
disorder of sensory function disorder of the menarche disordered remodeling of bone disorders of autonomic function disorientation in time and space
dispensation of drug distal convoluted tubule distal diffusion barrier distal myopathy of gowers and spiller distal pancreatic duct inflammation
distal pulp compartment distal radioulnar articulation distal type of dystrophy distant heart sound distended neck veins
distensibility distensibility of lungs distention distention of cervical veins distention of stomach
distoma distoma haernatobium distortion of absorption spectra distortion of absorption spectrum distribution of fatty tissue
distributive pairing distributive shock disturbance of bowel motility disturbance of cardiac rhythm dna damage checkpoint
dna mobility shift assay dna of cmv isolates DNA of CMV isolates dna origin of replication dna repair test
dna-repair deficiencies dobutamine stress echocardiography DOC-secreting adenoma doctor of dental medicine doctor of engineering degree
doctor of pharmaceutical science doctor of veterinary medicine doctor's certificate doctor-patient relationship document ovulation
dodecyl dopamine dopamine receptor dopamine receptor antagonist doppler bloodflow probe
doppler echocardiography doppler ultrasound examination dorsal carpal ligament dorsal cutaneous nerve of forearm dorsal digital nerves of foot
dorsal recumbent position dorsal root nuclei dorsal spinocerebellar tract dorsal tegmental decussation dorsal ulnar cutaneous nerve
dorsal venous arch of foot dorsal wall of fourth ventricle dorsalis dorsocuboidal reflex dorsolateral
dorsolateral tract of spinal cord double outlet right ventricle double point threshold double sucrose gap method double-barrel aorta
double-beam recording double-beam spectrophotometer double-blind method with crossover double-blind study with crossover double-blind trial
double-contoured appearance double-contrast roentgenography double-flap amputation double-minute chromosome double-stranded break

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