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compensation mechanism compensaton mechanism compensatory pulmonary hyperventilation competitive atrial pacing competitive binding assay
competitive blocking agent competitive protein binding analysis complement component complement fixation complement fixation reaction
complement fixation test complement fraction complement system disease complement-fixing antibodies complement-fixing antibody
complement-mediated lysis compression fracture compression of brain compression of vertebra compression of vertebrae
compressor urethrae compressor vaginae compromised host compulsion neurosis compulsive personality
computed tomography computerized axial tomography computerized medical record computerized transfer analyzer concentrating ability
concentration gradient concentration in urine concentration in urine and plasma concentration method concentration ratio
concentration-response concentration-time curve concentric coaxial needle electrode concentric contraction concha
conchal cartilage conclusion of the menstrual flow coned coned-down x-rayfilm configuration of lesions
configurational configurational change confirmatory findings conflicting results confocal
conformational conformational change confounding factor confounding variable confrication
congenital cranial osteoporosis congenital cutaneous dystrophy congenital dislocation of hip congenital dislocation of lens congenital dysfibrinogenemia
congenital ectodermal defect congenital ectodermal dysplasia congenital heart disease congenital high scapula congenital lens dislocation
congenital leukokeratosis congenital liver fibrosis congenital macular degeneration congenital neurocutaneous syndrome congenital or acquired arterial disease
congenital rod disease congenital solitary kidney congenital stricture congestive heart failure congestive splenomegaly
conglomerate silicosis conor and bruch's disease consensual light reaction of pupil consensual light reflex consequent to interruption of innervation
conservative management consistency of stools consistently consisting of lymphocytes consonating
conssummatory behavior constant and a variable domain constant-temperature bath constitutional hepatic dysfunction constitutional psychopathic inferiority
constitutional psychopathic state constitutionally deficient constrictive constrictive garment constrictor
constrictor isthmi faucium constrictor urethrae constructional apraxia consuming large amounts consummatory behavior
consumption coagulopathy contact hysteroscopy contrecoup contrecoup fracture contribution of infection
control in-process checking control of symptoms controlled heating method controlling epidemics conus elasticus laryngis
convalescence foster home convalescent convalescent stage conventional medicine conventional scanning
conversion neurosis conversion of the tuberculin skin test conversion of the tuberculin skin test to positive copy choice theory cor
coracoid coronal coronal margin of frontal bone coronaroventricular fistula coronary artery bypass grafting
coronary artery disease coronary artery fistula coronary failure coronary insufficiency coronary sulcus
coronary-myocardiopathy corpora cavernosa penis corpora quadrigemina corporeal cesarean section corpuscular
correct anticodon sequence corrective exercices corticotropin corticotropin releasing factor corticotropin-releasing hormone
cortisol cortisone corvisart's disease corynebacterium corynebacterium diphtheria
corynebacterium vaginale coryza cost effectiveness study costal costal facet of sternum
costal incisures of sternum costal pit coughing up bloody sputum coumarin coumarin anticoagulant

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