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[a-hemolytic streptococci - acute parenchymatous hepatitis] [acute pulmonary heart - aminoacyl trna synthetase] [aminoacyl-transfer rna synthetase - anti-mullerian hormone]
[anti-rho (d) titer - argon] [argyll robertson pupil - back posterior position] [backbone of protein molecule - bochdalek's foramen]
[bockhart's impetigo - canal of chorda tympani] [canaliculi - cerebromacular degeneration] [cerebromedullary - circinata]
[circular muscle layer - compensating emphysema] [compensation mechanism - coumarin anticoagulant] [count of analgesic tablets - decompression of colon]
[decompression sickness - different membrane bounded compartment] [different patterns of tissue damage - double-stranded break] [double-vessel coronary involvement - eligibility criteria]
[eligible for inclusion in trial - erector] [erector muscle of penis - falciform margin of fascia lata] [falciform margin of saphenous hiatus - flavin adenine dinucleotide]
[flavin mononucleotide - gamete] [gamma aminobutyric acid - granular cell myoblastoma] [granular endoplasmic reticulum - hematophagous]
[hematophagous arthropod - hospital outpatient department] [hospital overcrowding - impaired reproduction] [impaired skeletal growth - inlay]
[inner and outer cortex - intravenous pyelogram] [intravenous solution stand - late trimester oligohydramnios] [late ventricular potential - lipolytic hormones]
[lipomatous - magnesium ammonium phosphate calculus] [magnesium heparinate - melanism] [melanocyte - monarticular]
[mönckeberg's degeneration - nasofrontal] [nasogastric suction - nucleoprotein] [nucleoprotein antigen - osteolysis]
[osteoma - patient lost to follow-up] [patient on chronic hemodialysis - phosphate diabetes] [phosphatide lipoidosis - posterior fornix]
[posterior intercondylar area - prostacyclin synthetase] [prostaglandin - radionuclide angiography] [radionuclide arteriography - repository action drug]
[repressor - rudiment of vaginal process] [s. flexneri infection - sensorium] [sensory ending - small sciatic nerve]
[small white surface patch - squares on a counting chamber] [squaring of vertebral bodies - substitute estrogen] [substitute for narcotics - telangiectasia]
[telangiectasia lymphatica - titratable] [titrate - tsetse] [tss - urethrostomy]
[uri - vestige of vaginal process] [vibration disease - zenker's degeneration] [zenker's paralysis - zymogen]
[abdominal stalk - additional health insurance] [additional insurance - allose] [allosome - anesthetometer]
[anestrum - apochromatic] [apocratic - atrichosis] [atriocarotid - bends]
[beneceptor - Bostock's catarrh] [Bostock's disease - canal of corti] [canal ray - centrolecithal]
[centrolobular - chylogaster] [chylomicron - conditioned avoidance behavior] [conditioned deficiencies - CT imaging]
[ctelology - dentes canini] [dentes decidui - diplococcemia] [diplococci - early disease]
[echo speech - enterocleisis] [enteroclysis - excess mortalily] [excess mortality - fibrosa cystica]
[fibrosclerosis - fused pelvic kidney] [fusel - glucose infusion] [glucose load - haptoglobin]
[haptometer - heterotherapy] [heterothermic - hyperglobulism] [hyperglycaemia - infusion tomography of gallbladder]
[infusion tubing - jack bean] [jacket cancer - laymen] [lazar-house - loose blood]
[loose bulk density - mass screening] [mass spectrograph - metaphrenon] [metaphyses - monotrichous]
[monovalent - nasociliary] [nasofrontal duct - nonpenetrating] [nonpermissive cell - ophtalmoplegia]
[ophtalmoscopy - ozostomia] [p and p test - peptolytic] [peptone - plakin-type cytoskeletal linker]
[plakoglobin - prepubertal] [preputial crypt - pyrrolidone carboxylic acid] [pyrrolizidine - rest angina]
[rest at home - salt solution] [salt substitute - sesame oil] [sesamoid - somatomedin]
[somatomedin c - stale air] [standard candle - sulfocarbamide] [sulfoconjugation - temporary filling]
[temporofacial - tissue amebicide] [tissue and organ injury - trophoblastic cell] [trophoblastoma - ureometer]
[ureopoiesis - vipoma] [viraemia - zygotene] [zygotoblast - zyxin]