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Particularly long words, complex grammar rules, resemblance with English due to their common roots. These are just a few of the features that make German language study fascinating and challenging. Whether you are a begginer German learner or an expert in German translations, you can rely on Reverso German dictionary to guide you towards full understanding of words and phrases.

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metallische Werkstoffe bei Raumtemperatur ohne weitere Wärmezufuhr durch sehr hohen Druck miteinander verschweißen
Gebäude, in dem Menschen wohnen oder arbeiten
Halle, die für verschiedene Zwecke wie Sport, Theater, Vorträge usw. genutzt wird
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Spoken not only in Germany, but also in East-Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Austria, Alsace-Lorraine, Switzerland and northern Italy, German may often surprise you with its richness of words and expressions, meanings and differences between variants spoken in the different regions.

When you have doubts about a German word meaning or you want to find out more info like examples of use, detailed definitions, synonyms go to Reverso German dictionary. Here you can also ask for a German definition from our community members and interact with them through comments. Our German definition dictionary can be used also as a complementary tool when performing translations from German to English.

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