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1    beating, belting     (informal)   caning, chastisement, drubbing, flogging, hiding     (informal)   lashing, pasting     (slang)   punishment, tanning     (slang)   whipping  
2    beating, defeat, drubbing, hammering     (informal)   hiding     (informal)   mauling, pasting     (slang)   rout, trouncing  
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  ( thrashings    plural  )
1       n-count   If one player or team gives another one a thrashing, they defeat them easily or by a large score.  
INFORMAL   usu with supp  
Can the New Zealand bowlers fight back after their thrashing at Christchurch?     
2       n-count   If someone gives someone else a thrashing, they hit them several times as a punishment.   (=hiding, beating)  
If Sarah caught her, she would get a thrashing.     

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