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1    impolite, inconsiderate, indiscreet, insensitive, rude, selfish, tactless, uncaring, undiplomatic, unkind  
2    absent-minded, careless, foolish, heedless, ill-considered, imprudent, inadvertent, inattentive, injudicious, mindless, neglectful, negligent, rash, reckless, regardless, remiss, silly, slapdash, slipshod, stupid, unmindful, unobservant, unthinking  
1    attentive, considerate, diplomatic, tactful, thoughtful, unselfish  
2    considered, intelligent, prudent, smart, well-advised, well-thought-out, wise  
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If you describe someone as thoughtless, you are critical of them because they forget or ignore other people's wants, needs, or feelings.      adj  
  (disapproval, Antonym: thoughtful)   
It was thoughtless of her to mention it...     
  thoughtlessly      adv   ADV with v  
They thoughtlessly planned a picnic without him...     

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