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1    agreeable, balmy, calm, clement, cool, fair, gentle, mild, moderate, pleasant, soft  
2    calm, composed, dispassionate, equable, even-tempered, mild, moderate, reasonable, self-controlled, self-restrained, sensible, stable  
3    abstemious, abstinent, continent, moderate, sober  
1    extreme, harsh, inclement, intemperate, severe, torrid  
2    intemperate, uncontrolled, undisciplined, unreasonable, unrestrained, wild  
3    excessive, extreme, immoderate, inordinate, intemperate, prodigal  
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1       adj   Temperate is used to describe a climate or a place which is never extremely hot or extremely cold.  
usu ADJ n  
The Nile Valley keeps a temperate climate throughout the year.     
2       adj   If a person's behaviour is temperate, it is calm and reasonable, so that they do not get angry or lose their temper easily.  

His final report to the President was far more temperate and balanced than the earlier memorandum.     

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