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gogglebox     (Brit. slang)   idiot box     (slang)   receiver, small screen     (informal)   telly     (Brit. informal)   the box     (Brit. informal)   the tube     (slang)   TV, TV set  
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  ( televisions    plural  )
1       n-count   A television or television set is a piece of electrical equipment consisting of a box with a glass screen on it on which you can watch programmes with pictures and sounds.   (=TV, telly)  
She turned the television on and flicked around between news programmes.     
2       n-uncount   Television is the system of sending pictures and sounds by electrical signals over a distance so that people can receive them on a television in their home.   (=TV)  
Toy manufacturers began promoting some of their products on television...     
3       n-uncount   Television refers to all the programmes that you can watch.   (=TV)  
I don't have much time to watch very much television.     
4       n-uncount   Television is the business or industry concerned with making programmes and broadcasting them on television.  
British commercial television has been steadily losing its lead as the most advanced sector of the industry in Europe.     

breakfast television     
Breakfast television refers to television programmes which are broadcast in the morning at the time when most people are having breakfast.  
  (BRIT)      n-uncount  
cable television     
Cable television is a television system in which signals are sent along wires rather than by radio waves.      n-uncount  
digital television        ( digital televisions    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Digital television is television in which the signals are transmitted in digital form and decoded by the television receiver.  
2       n-count   A digital television is a television that can receive digital signals.  
...wide screen digital televisions.     

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1. Los Angeles or Hollywood, especially with regard to the film and television industry, in their reputed glamour and trendiness 2. a fanciful state or dreamworld [be in la-la land = a state of being out of touch with reality]
[US] [informal] 1. She's very fond of stories about life in la-la land 2. He's unrealistic about these issues and looks like he's in la-la land the whole time
watch multiple episodes of a television program such as a series in a row
On the pattern of 'binge-eat' or 'binge-drink', the term 'binge' meaning an excessive indulgence in something. Ex: As I became bored, I decided to binge-watch the entire season of my favorite series
watch a great number of episodes from the same television series in a row
portmanteau word: binge (excessive consumption of something) + watching
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