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aggravate     (informal)   annoy, badger, bait, bedevil, bother, chaff, gibe, goad, guy     (informal)   lead on, mock, needle     (informal)   pester, plague     (informal)   provoke, pull someone's leg     (informal)   rag, rib     (informal)   ridicule, take the mickey     (informal)   take the piss (out of)     (taboo slang)   tantalize, taunt, torment, twit, vex, wind up     (Brit. slang)   worry  
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  ( teases    plural & 3rd person present)   ( teasing    present participle)   ( teased    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   To tease someone means to laugh at them or make jokes about them in order to embarrass, annoy, or upset them.  
He told her how the boys in East Poldown had set on him, teasing him...      V n  
He teased me mercilessly about going Hollywood...      V n about n/-ing  
`You must be expecting a young man,' she teased.      V with quote  
      Tease is also a noun., n-count  
Calling her by her real name had always been one of his teases.     
  teasing      n-uncount   also the N  
She tolerated the teasing, until the fourth grade.     
2       n-count   If you refer to someone as a tease, you mean that they like laughing at people or making jokes about them.  
usu sing  
My brother's such a tease...     
3       verb   If you say that someone is teasing, you mean that they are pretending to offer you something that you want, especially sex, but then not giving it to you.  
I thought she was teasing, playing the innocent, but looking back, I'm not so sure...      V  
When did you last flirt with him or tease him?      V n  
4       n-count   If you refer to someone as a tease, you mean that they pretend to offer someone what they want, especially sex, but then do not give it to them.  
usu sing     (disapproval)    Later she heard he had told one of her friends she was a tease.     
    striptease   tease out      phrasal verb   If you tease out information or a solution, you succeed in obtaining it even though this is difficult.  
They try to tease out the answers without appearing to ask...      V P n (not pron)  
There had to be an answer<endash>he was sure he could tease it out if only he had time.      V n P, Also V n P of n  

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1:to utter taunting words 2:to deride or tease with taunting words 'The Gridiron Show group joked with and gibed at those in the Memphis power structure, politicians mostly. Rarely did anyone get their feelings hurt by the skits in the shows…." — Toby Sells, Memphis Magazine, December 2014
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