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advise, coach, demonstrate, direct, discipline, drill, edify, educate, enlighten, give lessons in, guide, impart, implant, inculcate, inform, instil, instruct, school, show, train, tutor  
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  ( teaches    3rd person present)   ( teaching    present participle)   ( taught    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you teach someone something, you give them instructions so that they know about it or how to do it.  
The trainers have a programme to teach them vocational skills...      V n n  
George had taught him how to ride a horse...      V n wh  
She taught Julie to read...      V n to-inf  
The computer has simplified the difficult task of teaching reading to the deaf.      V n to n  
2       verb   To teach someone something means to make them think, feel, or act in a new or different way.  
Their daughter's death had taught him humility...      V n n  
He taught his followers that they could all be members of the kingdom of God...      V n that  
Teach them to voice their feelings.      V n to-inf, Also V n wh, V n about n  
3       verb   If you teach or teach a subject, you help students to learn about it by explaining it or showing them how to do it, usually as a job at a school, college, or university.  
Ingrid is currently teaching Mathematics at Shimla Public School...      V n  
She taught English to Japanese business people...      V n to n  
She has taught for 34 years...      V  
She taught children French.      V n n  
...this twelve month taught course.      V-ed  
    to teach someone a lesson  

teach-in        ( teach-ins    plural  ) A teach-in is a meeting, usually between students and teachers, with discussions on important and interesting topics. Teach-ins are not usually part of a formal academic course.      n-count  

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