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abide, bide, dally, dawdle, delay, drag one's feet or heels, dwell, hang around     (informal)   linger, lodge, loiter, lose time, pause, remain, rest, sojourn, stay, take one's time, wait  
   hasten, hurry, move on, rush, scoot, step on it     (informal)  
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     ( tarries    3rd person present)   ( tarrying    present participle)   ( tarried    past tense & past participle  )
The verb is pronounced tæri. The adjective is pronounced tɑ:ri.     
1       verb   If you tarry somewhere, you stay there longer than you meant to and delay leaving.  

Two old boys tarried on the street corner discussing cattle.      V  
2       adj   If you describe something as tarry, you mean that it has a lot of tar in it or is like tar.  
I smelled tarry melted asphalt., ...cups of tarry coffee.     

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