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      vb   befoul, blacken, blemish, blot, darken, dim, discolour, drag through the mud, dull, lose lustre or shine, rust, smirch, soil, spot, stain, sully, taint  
      n   blackening, black mark, blemish, blot, discoloration, rust, smirch, spot, stain, taint  
,       vb   brighten, enhance, gleam, polish up, shine  
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  ( tarnishes    3rd person present)   ( tarnishing    present participle)   ( tarnished    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you say that something tarnishes someone's reputation or image, you mean that it causes people to have a worse opinion of them than they would otherwise have had.  
The affair could tarnish the reputation of the prime minister...      V n  
  tarnished      adj  
He says he wants to improve the tarnished image of his country.     
2       verb   If a metal tarnishes or if something tarnishes it, it becomes stained and loses its brightness.  
It never rusts or tarnishes...      V  
Wear cotton gloves when cleaning silver, because the acid in your skin can tarnish the metal.      V n  
  tarnished      adj  
...its brown surfaces of tarnished brass.     
3       n-uncount   Tarnish is a substance which forms of the surface of some metals and which stains them or causes them to lose their brightness.  

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