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1    big, elevated, giant, high, lanky, lofty, soaring, towering  
2      (informal)   absurd, cock-and-bull     (informal)   embellished, exaggerated, far-fetched, implausible, incredible, overblown, preposterous, steep     (Brit. informal)   unbelievable  
3      (informal)   demanding, difficult, exorbitant, hard, unreasonable, well-nigh impossible  
1    fubsy     (archaic or dialect)   short, small, squat, stumpy, tiny, wee  
2    accurate, believable, easy, plausible, realistic, reasonable, true, unexaggerated  
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  ( taller    comparative)   ( tallest    superlative  )
1       adj   Someone or something that is tall has a greater height than is normal or average.  
Being tall can make you feel incredibly self-confident..., The windows overlooked a lawn of tall waving grass.     
2       adj   You use tall to ask or talk about the height of someone or something.  
how ADJ, amount ADJ, as ADJ as, ADJ-compar than  
How tall are you?..., I'm only 5ft tall, and I look younger than my age...     
3    If something is a tall order, it is very difficult.  
tall order      phrase   N inflects, v-link PHR  
Financing your studies may seem like a tall order, but there is plenty of help available.     
4    If you say that someone walks tall, you mean that they behave in a way that shows that they have pride in themselves and in what they are doing.  
walk tall      phrase   V inflects  

tall ship        ( tall ships    plural  ) A tall ship is a sailing ship which has very tall masts and square sails.      n-count  
tall story        ( tall stories    plural  ) A tall story is the same as a tall tale.      n-count  
tall tale        ( tall tales    plural  ) A tall tale is a long and complicated story that is difficult to believe because most of the events it describes seem unlikely or impossible.      n-count  
...the imaginative tall tales of sailors.     

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