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1    bench, board, counter, slab, stand  
2    board, diet, fare, food, spread     (informal)   victuals  
3    flat, flatland, mesa, plain, plateau, tableland  
4    agenda, catalogue, chart, diagram, digest, graph, index, inventory, list, plan, record, register, roll, schedule, synopsis, tabulation  
5    enter, move, propose, put forward, submit, suggest  
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  ( tables    plural & 3rd person present)   ( tabling    present participle)   ( tabled    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top that you put things on or sit at.  
She was sitting at the kitchen table eating a currant bun..., I placed his drink on the small table at his elbow.     
2       verb   If someone tables a proposal, they say formally that they want it to be discussed at a meeting.  
  (mainly BRIT)   (=propose)  
They've tabled a motion criticising the Government for doing nothing about the problem.      V n  
3       verb   If someone tables a proposal or plan which has been put forward, they decide to discuss it or deal with it at a later date, rather than straight away.  
We will table that for later.      V n  
4       n-count   A table is a written set of facts and figures arranged in columns and rows.  
also N num  
Consult the table on page 104..., Other research supports the figures in Table 3.3.     
    coffee table  
    dressing table  
    negotiating table  
    round table  
    tea table  
6    If you put something on the table, you present it at a meeting for it to be discussed.  
on the table      phrase   PHR after v, v-link PHR  
This is one of the best packages we've put on the table in years...     
7    If you turn the tableson someone, you change the situation completely, so that instead of them causing problems for you, you are causing problems for them.  
turn the tables      phrase   V inflects, oft PHR on n  
The only question is whether the President can use his extraordinary political skills to turn the tables on his opponents.     
    to put your cards on the table  

bird table        ( bird tables    plural  ) A bird table is a small wooden platform on a pole which some people put in their garden in order to put food for the birds on it.      n-count  
breakfast table        ( breakfast tables    plural  ) You refer to a table as the breakfast table when it is being used for breakfast.      n-count   usu sing, the N  
...reading the morning papers at the breakfast table.     
card table        ( card tables    plural  ) , card-table   A card table is a small light table which can be folded up and which is sometimes used for playing games of cards on.      n-count  
coffee table        ( coffee tables    plural  ) , coffee-table   A coffee table is a small low table in a living room.      n-count  
coffee-table book        ( coffee-table books    plural  ) A coffee-table book is a large expensive book with a lot of pictures, which is designed to be looked at rather than to be read properly, and is usually placed where people can see it easily.      n-count  
dining table        ( dining tables    plural  ) , dining-table   A dining table is a table that is used for having meals on.      n-count  
dinner table        ( dinner tables    plural  ) , dinner-table   You can refer to a table as thedinner table when it is being used for dinner.  
  (BRIT)      n-count   usu sing, usu the/poss N  
Sam was left at the dinner table with Peg.     
dressing table        ( dressing tables    plural  ) , dressing-table   A dressing table is a small table in a bedroom. It has drawers underneath and a mirror on top.      n-count  
league table        ( league tables    plural  ) A league table is a list that shows how successful an organization such as a sports team or a business is when it is compared to other similar organizations.  
  (mainly BRIT)      n-count  
...a league table of British schools ranked by exam results.     
multiplication table        ( multiplication tables    plural  ) A multiplication table is a list of the multiplications of numbers between one and twelve. Children often have to learn multiplication tables at school.      n-count   (=table)  
negotiating table     
If you say that people are at thenegotiating table, you mean that they are having discussions in order to settle a dispute or reach an agreement.      n-sing   usu the N  
`We want to settle all matters at the negotiating table,' he said...     
operating table        ( operating tables    plural  ) An operating table is a table which a patient in a hospital lies on during a surgical operation.      n-count  
periodic table     
In chemistry, the periodic table is a table showing the chemical elements arranged according to their atomic numbers.      n-sing   the N  
round table        ( round tables    plural  ) , round-table, roundtable   A round table discussion is a meeting where experts gather together in order to discuss a particular topic.      n-count   usu N n  
...a round-table conference of the leading heart specialists of America.     
table dancing     
Table dancing is a type of entertainment in a bar or club in which a woman who is wearing very few clothes dances in a sexy way close to a customer or group of customers.      n-uncount  
table lamp        ( table lamps    plural  ) A table lamp is a small electric lamp which stands on a table or other piece of furniture.      n-count  
table manners     
You can use table manners to refer to the way you behave when you are eating a meal at a table.      n-plural   usu supp N  
He attacked the food as quickly as decent table manners allowed.     
table tennis      , table-tennis  
Table tennis is a game played inside by two or four people. The players stand at each end of a table which has a low net across the middle and hit a small light ball over the net, using small bats.      n-uncount  
table top        ( table tops    plural  ) , tabletop   A table top is the flat surface on a table.      n-count  
table wine        ( table wines    plural  ) Table wine is fairly cheap wine that is drunk with meals.      n-mass  
tea table      , tea-table  
You refer to a table as the tea table when it is being used for a meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening.  
  (mainly BRIT)      n-sing   the N  
...cakes and sandwiches on the tea-table.     
trestle table        ( trestle tables    plural  ) A trestle table is a table made of a long board that is supported on trestles.      n-count  
water table        ( water tables    plural  ) Thewater table is the level below the surface of the ground where water can be found.      n-count   usu the N  
Environmentalists say that diverting water from the river will lower the water table and dry out wells.     

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! FAT (File Allocation Table) n.
In computer science, the File Allocation Table (FAT) is a file system popularized by Microsoft in the 1980's in their earliest computers. The FAT file system has continued to be developed and now comes in multiple varieties such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT.
[Tech.];[Comp.] Look at that floppy disk, see if it is formatted with the FAT file system.

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abbr. acron.
File Allocation Table
fill in information e.g. populate a table with data
attitude or practise whereby a man, either sitting at the table, on a sofa or in public transportation, adopts a spread position notably splaying his legs wide apart in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat and deny space to the person sitting or wanting to sit next to him
Ex: I become upset and irritated seeing all that manspreading in the subway and buses during rush hours and more generally by that growing lack of civil vertue everywhere.
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