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1    affirm, assert, asseverate, attest, avow, declare, depose, give one's word, pledge oneself, promise, state under oath, swear blind, take an oath, testify, vow, warrant  
2    be foul-mouthed, blaspheme, curse, cuss     (informal)   imprecate, take the Lord's name in vain, turn the air blue     (informal)   utter profanities  
3      (with)       by   depend on, have confidence in, rely on, trust  
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  ( swears    3rd person present)   ( swearing    present participle)   ( swore    past tense)   ( sworn    past participle  )
1       verb   If someone swears, they use language that is considered to be rude or offensive, usually because they are angry.  
It's wrong to swear and shout...      V  
They swore at them and ran off.      V at n  
2       verb   If you swearto do something, you promise in a serious way that you will do it.  
Alan swore that he would do everything in his power to help us...      V that  
We have sworn to fight cruelty wherever we find it...      V to-inf  
The police are the only civil servants who have to swear allegiance to the Crown...      V n  
I have sworn an oath to defend her.      V n  
3       verb   If you say that you swear that something is true or that you can swear to it, you are saying very firmly that it is true.,   (emphasis)    I swear I've told you all I know...      V that  
I swear on all I hold dear that I had nothing to do with this...      V on/by n that  
Behind them was a confusion of noise, perhaps even a shot, but he couldn't swear to it.      V to n  
4       verb   If someone is swornto secrecy or is swornto silence, they promise another person that they will not reveal a secret.  
usu passive  
She was bursting to announce the news but was sworn to secrecy.      be V-ed to n  
    sworn   swear by      phrasal verb   If you swear by something, you believe that it can be relied on to have a particular effect.  
INFORMAL   Many people swear by vitamin C's ability to ward off colds.      V P n   swear in      phrasal verb   When someone is sworn in, they formally promise to fulfil the duties of a new job or appointment.  
usu passive  
Soon after the New Year, the new Congress will come to Washington to be sworn in.      be V-ed P  

swear word        ( swear words    plural  ) , swearword   A swear word is a word which is considered to be rude or offensive. Swear words are usually used when people are angry.      n-count  

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