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, swop  
      vb   bandy, barter, exchange, interchange, switch, trade, traffic  
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  ( swaps    plural & 3rd person present)   ( swapping    present participle)   ( swapped    past tense & past participle  ) , swop  
1       v-recip   If you swap something with someone, you give it to them and receive a different thing in exchange.   (=exchange)  
Next week they will swap places and will repeat the switch weekly...      V pl-n  
I'd gladly swap places with mummy any day...      V pl-n with n  
I know a sculptor who swaps her pieces for drawings by a well-known artist...      V n for/with n  
Some hostages were swapped for convicted prisoners.      V n for/with n  
      Swap is also a noun., n-count   oft n N  
If she ever fancies a job swap, I could be interested.     
2       verb   If you swap one thing for another, you remove the first thing and replace it with the second, or you stop doing the first thing and start doing the second.  
Despite the heat, he'd swapped his overalls for a suit and tie...      V n for n  
Both sides swapped their goalies in the 30th minute.      V n  

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