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      vb   bluster, boast, brag, bully, gasconade     (rare)   hector, hot-dog     (chiefly U.S.)   parade, prance, show off     (informal)   strut, swank     (informal)  
      n   arrogance, bluster, braggadocio, display, gasconade     (rare)   ostentation, pomposity, show, showing off     (informal)   swank     (informal)   swashbuckling  
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  ( swaggers    3rd person present)   ( swaggering    present participle)   ( swaggered    past tense & past participle  ) If you swagger, you walk in a very proud, confident way, holding your body upright and swinging your hips.      verb  
A broad shouldered man wearing a dinner jacket swaggered confidently up to the bar...      V prep/adv  
John Steed was an arrogant, swaggering young man.      V-ing  
      Swagger is also a noun., n-sing  
He walked with something of a swagger.     

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