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      vb     (with)       out   calculate, clear up, figure out, find out, puzzle out, resolve, solve, work out  
      n   adroitness, astuteness, canniness, guile, intelligence, intuition, keenness, perceptiveness, quickness, sharp-mindedness, sharpness, smartness  
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  ( susses    3rd person present)   ( sussing    present participle)   ( sussed    past tense & past participle  ) If you suss a person or situation, you realize or work out what their real character or nature is.  
INFORMAL      verb  
I think I've sussed the reason for it...      V n  
The women began to suss that there was no reason why they should be impressed by him...      V that  
We're getting the problem sussed.      get n V-ed, Also V wh  
      Suss out means the same as suss., phrasal verb  
They're sussing out the area to see how strong the police presence is...      V P n (not pron)  
He susses his colleagues out and he knows who he can trust...      V n P  
I'd had the training to suss out what he was up to.      V P wh, Also V that  

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