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1    anticipation, anxiety, apprehension, doubt, expectancy, expectation, indecision, insecurity, irresolution, tension, uncertainty, wavering  
2    in suspense      anxious, in an agony of doubt, keyed up, on edge, on tenterhooks, with bated breath  
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1       n-uncount   Suspense is a state of excitement or anxiety about something that is going to happen very soon, for example about some news that you are waiting to hear.  
The suspense over the two remaining hostages ended last night when the police discovered the bullet ridden bodies.     
2    If you keep or leave someone in suspense, you deliberately delay telling them something that they are very eager to know about.  
keep sb in suspense      phrase   V inflects, PHR after v  
Keppler kept all his men in suspense until that morning before announcing which two would be going...     

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