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1      (usually with)       to   disposed, given, inclined, liable, open, predisposed, prone, subject, vulnerable  
2    alive to, easily moved, impressionable, receptive, responsive, sensitive, suggestible, tender  
   immune, incapable, insensible, insusceptible, invulnerable, resistant, unaffected by, unmoved by, unresponsive  
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1       adj   If you are susceptible to something or someone, you are very likely to be influenced by them.  
v-link ADJ to n  
Young people are the most susceptible to advertisements..., James was extremely susceptible to flattery...     
2       adj   If you are susceptible to a disease or injury, you are very likely to be affected by it.  
usu v-link ADJ to n   (=vulnerable)  
Walking with weights makes the shoulders very susceptible to injury...     

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