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1    contemplate, examine, eye up, inspect, look over, observe, recce     (slang)   reconnoitre, research, review, scan, scrutinize, study, supervise, view  
2    appraise, assess, estimate, eye up, measure, plan, plot, prospect, size up, take stock of, triangulate  
3    examination, inquiry, inspection, once-over     (informal)   overview, perusal, random sample, review, scrutiny, study  
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     ( surveys    plural & 3rd person present)   ( surveying    present participle)   ( surveyed    past tense & past participle  )
The noun is pronounced sɜ:rveɪ. The verb is pronounced sərveɪ, and can also be pronounced sɜ:rveɪ in meanings 2 and 5.     
1       n-count   If you carry out a survey, you try to find out detailed information about a lot of different people or things, usually by asking people a series of questions.  
According to the survey, overall world trade has also slackened.     
2       verb   If you survey a number of people, companies, or organizations, you try to find out information about their opinions or behaviour, usually by asking them a series of questions.  
Business Development Advisers surveyed 211 companies for the report...      V n  
Only 18 percent of those surveyed opposed the idea.      V-ed  
3       verb   If you survey something, you look at or consider the whole of it carefully.  
He pushed himself to his feet and surveyed the room...      V n  
4       n-count   If someone carries out a survey of an area of land, they examine it and measure it, usually in order to make a map of it.  
...the organizer of the geological survey of India...     
5       verb   If someone surveys an area of land, they examine it and measure it, usually in order to make a map of it.  
Scarborough Council commissioned geological experts earlier this year to survey the cliffs.      V n  
6       n-count   A survey is a careful examination of the condition and structure of a house, usually carried out in order to give information to a person who wants to buy it.  
  (mainly BRIT)  
...a structural survey undertaken by a qualified surveyor.     
in AM, use inspection     
7       verb   If someone surveys a house, they examine it carefully and report on its structure, usually in order to give advice to a person who is thinking of buying it.  
  (mainly BRIT)  
...the people who surveyed the house for the mortgage.      V n  
in AM, use inspect     

Ordnance Survey map        ( Ordnance Survey maps    plural  ) An Ordnance Survey map is a detailed map produced by the British or Irish government map-making organization.      n-count  

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