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1    abandon, cede, concede, deliver up, forego, give up, part with, relinquish, renounce, resign, waive, yield  
2    capitulate, give in, give oneself up, give way, lay down arms, quit, show the white flag, submit, succumb, throw in the towel, yield  
3    capitulation, delivery, relinquishment, renunciation, resignation, submission, yielding  
,       vb   defy, fight (on), make a stand against, oppose, resist, stand up to, withstand  
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  ( surrenders    plural & 3rd person present)   ( surrendering    present participle)   ( surrendered    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you surrender, you stop fighting or resisting someone and agree that you have been beaten.  
General Martin Bonnet called on the rebels to surrender...      V  
She surrendered to the police in London last December.      V to n  
      Surrender is also a noun., n-var   oft N to n  
...the government's apparent surrender to demands made by the religious militants.     
2       verb   If you surrender something you would rather keep, you give it up or let someone else have it, for example after a struggle.  
Nadja had to fill out forms surrendering all rights to her property...      V n  
      Surrender is also a noun., n-uncount   usu N of n  
...the sixteen-day deadline for the surrender of weapons and ammunition.     
3       verb   If you surrender something such as a ticket or your passport, you give it to someone in authority when they ask you to.  
FORMAL   They have been ordered to surrender their passports.      V n  

surrender value        ( surrender values    plural  ) The surrender value of a life insurance policy is the amount of money you receive if you decide that you no longer wish to continue with the policy.     (BUSINESS)      n-count  

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Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys n.
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