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      vb   billow, eddy, gush, heave, rise, roll, rush, swell, swirl, tower, undulate, well forth  
      n   billow, breaker, efflux, flood, flow, gush, intensification, outpouring, roller, rush, swell, uprush, upsurge, wave  
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  ( surges    plural & 3rd person present)   ( surging    present participle)   ( surged    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A surge is a sudden large increase in something that has previously been steady, or has only increased or developed slowly.  
usu sing, usu N in/of n  
Specialists see various reasons for the recent surge in inflation..., The anniversary is bound to bring a new surge of interest in Dylan's work.     
2       verb   If something surges, it increases suddenly and greatly, after being steady or developing only slowly.  
The Freedom Party's electoral support surged from just under 10 per cent to nearly 17 per cent...      V from/to/by amount  
Surging imports will add to the demand for hard currency.      V-ing  
3       verb   If a crowd of people surge forward, they suddenly move forward together.  
The photographers and cameramen surged forward.      V adv/prep  
...the crowd surging out from the church.      V adv/prep  
4       n-count   A surge is a sudden powerful movement of a physical force such as wind or water.  
usu sing with supp, oft N of n  
The whole car shuddered with an almost frightening surge of power...     
5       verb   If a physical force such as water or electricity surges through something, it moves through it suddenly and powerfully.  
Thousands of volts surged through his car after he careered into a lamp post, ripping out live wires...      V adv/prep  

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