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assuredly, beyond the shadow of a doubt, certainly, come what may, definitely, doubtlessly, for certain, indubitably, inevitably, inexorably, undoubtedly, unquestionably, without doubt, without fail  
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1       adv   You use surely to emphasize that you think something should be true, and you would be surprised if it was not true.  
ADV with cl/group     (emphasis)    You're an intelligent woman, surely you realize by now that I'm helping you..., If I can accept this situation, surely you can.     
2       adv   If something will surely happen or is surely the case, it will definitely happen or is definitely the case.  
FORMAL   ADV with cl, ADV before v   (=certainly)  
He knew that under the surgeon's knife he would surely die..., He is an artist, just as surely as Rembrandt or any other first-rate portrait painter is one.     
3    If you say that something is happening slowly but surely, you mean that it is happening gradually but it is definitely happening.  
slowly but surely      phrase   PHR with cl  
Slowly but surely she started to fall in love with him...     

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